The best burger recipe videos on YouTube

There are many videos on YouTube showing how to make the 'perfect burger', but which ones are worth the effort?

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Summer is nearly here, and with the warm weather we've been having, many of us have been getting busy with the BBQ – and the easiest thing to do on the BBQ is burgers. Or is it? Today is also National No Diet Day, so I thought this post would be welcome.

YouTube is the second most-searched site after Google; it is THE place we all go for instructions on how to do nearly anything. When it comes to cooking videos though, we are spoilt for choice with the sheer number of people who are all passionate about food and want to share their love.

So let's say you got some minced chuck, some soft baps and maybe some ingredients, and you're not keen on creating the ultimate burger without some inspiration. Which are the best videos? To give you an idea of how involved these are, I've ranked their difficulty levels.

This isn't a definitive list. There are MANY videos in YouTube land about creating burgers, and I am sure there will be some excellent ones that I will miss. If so, let me know in the comments which are your go-to videos.

Smoked Whiskey Burger | BBQ Pit Boys (Level: Expert)

First off, the complexity of this recipe comes from the fact that the burgers are smoked for an hour or so in a smoker rather than fried/grilled traditionally. The BBQ Pit Boys channel is a favourite of mine, mostly because they're so genuinely themselves, but also because they prepare a lot of their stuff outdoors in a forest.

These burgers are doused in whiskey, so they're not to everyone's taste, but definitely worth a shot (get it...?). They are also so large, they're created in cake tins. These burgers are certainly epic.

This Burger CHANGED MY LIFE - So EASY to make | Guga Foods (Level: Easy)

Guga Foods do a really simple smashed burger recipe which is more 'traditional'. This channel is much more polished, with the hosts telling you to like and subscribe etc. Unlike the BBQ Pit Boys method, this is much more simplistic. Guga Foods also have a second channel called Sous Vide Everything which, I have a suspicion, might involve sous vide recipes.

Unfortunately they've resorted to a clickbaity title that suggests that the burger has possibly changed the direction or course of the life of the chap making it, which I somewhat doubt.

Beer Steamed BBQ Burger | CountryWoodSmoke (Level: Medium)

Marcus Bawdon is the author of Food & Fire and one of the founders of UK BBQ Mag. He's been teaching people how to cook amazing BBQ for a number of years from his home in Devon. He also produces a mean-ass cheeseburger. This method is relatively easy and, if you have a grill plate and some nice local beer, you can create a tasty burger with even pre-made ones.

The method Marcus uses here is called 'clocheing' which, if done correctly, can produce beautiful moist burgers. It only works if you have a grill plate though. Put too much beer in, however, and it will become sloppy and collapse. Give his YouTube channel a visit.

Deliciously easy beef burgers - Classic Mary Berry BBC (Level: Easy)

There are two distinct schools of thought when it comes to burgers and their creation. Do you add stuff in with it? Or do you let the flavour of the meat ring out and combine with the umami of the cheese and the roll itself? If you're into clogging up your burger was random crap, then Mary Berry does a good job of it. It is so achingly simple, and for those who are not blessed with BBQs or the ability to cook outdoors, the griddle pan method is the most practical.

This video is more to demonstrate a point. That it is easy to create delicious burgers on a griddle, and that some people like putting tons of herbs and random stuff in with their mix.

The Best Burger I've Ever Made | SAM THE COOKING GUY (Level: Easy)

Finally I present, visually, my favourite burger video on YouTube at the moment. Filmed in glorious 4K, Sam's videos have a sense of humour. The video starts with Sam saying "No f**king kidding, I think this is the best burger I've ever made..." and that sets the tone.

Entertainment factor is high. It is much more traditionally 'YouTubey', but he does it with a passion and a pace that means you feel inclined to have a go too. Again, it requires a grill plate and some posh mustards from Japan.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to cook burgers. Not all of them involve cooking outdoors in BBQs and there are many different trains of thoughts as to what a 'Perfect Burger' is. Spoiler alert: the perfect burger doesn't exist. It's down to personal preference, but there are many ways to cook other people's perceived choices of what the perfect burger is.

Please comment on this video if you know of a video that should be in this list. If there are enough of them, I'll do a second list!

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  • We watch Sam the cooking guy and some BBQ pit boys. The others we have not heard of but will now have to check them out. Thanks . I loovvee burgers lol.

      1 year ago
  • If you want to see some regional burgers recipes. Got to the channel first we feast, they have a show called "the burger show". I enjoy it very much.

      1 year ago
  • Sam the cooking guy's Kevin Bacon Burger!

      1 year ago