The best Chocolate Advent Calendars

A selection of advent calendars for the traditionalists this holiday

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Hi everyone,

Today I'm back with another advent calendar post. This time it's all about the chocolate. But not the chocolate advents from my childhood... I grew up with the calendars you get at the grocery store, the ones that are two for $3.00, where the chocolate squares are thin and taste like cardboard. Great times.

These calendars are a step up.

The four I've selected come from varying price ranges, so you guys can see a little bit of what's out there.

Dylan's Candy Bar

The first is from Dylan's Candy Bar. This is a very fun and bright calendar. It's 24 days , the chocolates come in a few different shapes and are packaged in a variety of cute foil wrappers.

This will cost you $15.00, and you can find it on the Dylan's Candy Bar website.


Next up is the Lindt Bear Advent Calendar. This is a 24 day calendar filled with delicious Lindt treats. There's mini bunnies, mini bears, mini chocolate squares and chocolate balls.

This will run you $25.59 and you can get it on Amazon.


I've had Godiva advent calendars in the past and they've been pretty amazing. This one is designed like a house with multiple windows, a Godiva design towards the top and a double door for the 24th day. There are milk, dark and white chocolates included so you get a bit of everything.

This will cost you $29.95 and you can get it from the Godiva website and at Macy's.

Charbonnel et Walker

The last advent calendar we have is the Charbonnel et Walker Upstanding advent calendar. Charbonnel et Walker is a London-based chocolatier that has been around since 1875. This is one of those advents that you know is going to be incredible. It's a free-standing, expensive-looking, high-quality product, filled with beautifully-decorated boxes and artisan chocolates.

This will cost you $75.00 and you can purchase it from the Charbonnel et Walker website. The company does ship to the US, or you can buy it from the more luxury department stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

If anyone purchases one of these, I hope you enjoy, and if you guys have a favorite advent calendar, I'd love to know what it is :).


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