The Best Cookery Shows on NETFLIX

5 must watch food and cookery shows ranging from educational to indulgent.

Looking for something mouth-watering to watch? Want to improve your knowledge of food and even your cooking skills? Netflix has a broad range of cooking shows, whether you want to indulge in the theatre of food, gaze at beautiful cinematographic shots or educate yourself. But I know you don’t want to waste time shopping around: I’ve compiled a list of the purest, highest quality food porn so you can leave the rest and get straight to the very best that Netflix has to offer.

Chef's Table

The ultimate in visual and culinary indulgence. Each episode follows a notable chef and uncovers their methods, guiding principles and biographies. A must watch: this show is exemplary for its focus on cinematography, idealism and perfectionism. It instills in any viewer an awe for the culinary greats on screen, and makes me desperate to get in the kitchen and discover my own chef identity.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

This gritty travelling show will invoke your wanderlust no end. Watch for hard cookery, beautiful scenery and amazing dishes. Notable is the episode in Beirut, in which the show’s production got caught up in a Lebanon – Israel dispute, and encountered Hezbollah supporters first hand. The crew are forced to escape, and are evacuated out of the country by US Marines. Told you it was gritty.

A Year In Champagne

Ever wondered how they put the bubbles in champagne? Well the fact is that they don’t… it just comes out that way. If you know as little about champagne as I do then you’ll do well to watch this French language documentary about the production of champagne in the Champagne region of France. This is another one that really stirs up the traveller in all of us, whilst conveying both the romanticism and hard work that goes into producing what many consider to be the most prestigious wine of them all.

The Trip

A personal favourite of mine, this semi-fictional show follows Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as they tour the restaurants of the north of England (season 1) and Italy (season 2). Beautiful food serves as the backdrop to this charming and poignant duo as they mull over great wine, great comedy and the great questions of existence, amongst them, mortality, fidelity and legacy. Watch to catch the enigmatic brilliance of Coogan, the wit of Brydon and the medicinal calm of the landscapes they tour.


This four-part documentary follows the history of cooking from the very beginning. Michael Pollan takes us through the various ways early man tackled the elements to reach the culinary control we take as given today. Each episode focuses on a particular element (fire, water, air and earth), giving the show a wonderfully focussed structure. In the process, Pollan posits food as artistic and important far beyond its providence of sustenance; it is a connector of people; an art form. Pollan pursues a revival of lost traditions and techniques to reattribute food these noble purposes.

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  • Oh no problem.. but good to know about these programmes, maybe in the future they will be available 😊

      1 year ago
  • Not all the programmes mentioned are available in my country. I do love the Korean variety/cooking programme Chef and my fridge, such good fun! 2 presenters, 8 chefs, 2 guests an their own fridge with all content delivered to the studio. The guests pick a food theme and chefs go head to head, cook in 15 minutes with ingredients from the guest's fridge. The food usually comes out good! Gordon Ramsay even participated once, you can search for it on Youtube. I love it!

      1 year ago
    • Apologies for that Stef! I should have specified that this is from the UK Netflix offerings!

        1 year ago
  • I am glad that you didn't include that insipid Jon Favreau "Chef" series.

      1 year ago