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Are you gagging for a McDonalds as much as I am? I’m starting to dream about it.

Jokes aside, I am getting used to queuing at supermarkets and have hit more than enough Deliveroo whilst in lockdown. I have supported my favourite restaurants that are still open (shout out Fez Mengal and Uli in Notting Hill) – as well as donating, both through the app and to Feed NHS.

I’ve even attempted to feed myself and cook. But no matter what, I’m still gasping for that takeaway taste.

So I did a little research and found the best stay-at-home, do-it-yourself, takeaway-inspired fakeaway recipes online.

Learn how to make KFC, McDonalds, Pizza, tacos and much more below.

Giz & Greens – Monday Night Fakeaway

The originals Gizzi Erskine and Professor Green take you through how to make the infamous Big Mac, Wagamama katsu curry, Nando's, and so many more. All your favourites, easily explained with entertaining live walkthroughs; this has got to be made into a series when lockdown is over. Follow them here or #gizandgreensmondaynightfakeaway

Pizza Pilgrims – Frying Pan Pizza

The boys come to the rescue with a nationwide campaign delivering ‘pizza in the post’. In each box you'll get all the ingredients to make two Margherita pizzas – and all you need is a frying pan! Buy yours here.

Patty & Bun Lockdown Kit

The ultimate burger does lockdown takeaway like a boss; with the lockdown kit, you get all the ingredients to make four Patty & Bun burgers.

For just £25 you’ll get four HG Walter beef patties, brioche buns, a bottle of Smokey P&B Mayo, cheese slices and homemade pickled and smokey onions.

Restocking soon at Hgwalter.com/products/lockdownkit or on their official site.

Nina Parker – “Chorizo” tacos

For the vegans, and anyone looking for a little health kick, follow chef Antonina Parker and Millie Mackintosh’s cooking series on IGTV. The girls lovingly deliver delicious food in soft tones with simple steps to follow. Learn how make their tacos below and follow Nina here.

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Video from @antoninaparker IGTV Channel

The Londoner – Foolproof Chocolate Fudge Cake

Rosie shows you in four quick minutes how to make the most delicious chocolate fudge cake of all time with no eggs or butter needed. It looks better than the one Bruce devours in Matilda...

How do you perform such magic? Check it out on her IGTV and website.

Below is a video of her making peanut butter cookies...

KFC – Original Recipe Chicken

There are dozens of different takes on how to create the Colonel's finger lickin' good chicken. But this video from Quang Tran is by far the best (and quickest, at only 15 minutes long and with hardly any Vlogger storylines or intros to skip through).

Jennifer Medhurst – Snickers

Normally dishing out nutritional advice through her website and unbelievably creative TikTok videos, Jennifer shows us how to make Snickers bars from organic and healthy ingredients.

Video from her IGTV channel.

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Video from @jennifermedhurst IGVT channel

The Food Perverts – Curry Night

Step aside Sunday Brunch, stand down Gino, back off Ramsay – there are two new food hosts in town, set for daytime tv stardom – or at least their own dine-as-you-go road trip show on ITV. Meet The Food Perverts, two friends thrown together during the lockdown – bringing you recipes such as lobster and crab linguine, authentic Thai beef salad and their original Pervy Burgers. Their sole aim is to make isolation a little more tasty, a lot more pervy, and to make you laugh through lockdown.

Learn how to make their take on a monkfish curry here or watch the a teaser of their Curry Night episode below.

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Video from @thefoodperverts Instagram page

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