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Zvonko Bogdan Winery

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The trademark and name of this modern winery, which in a short time became a sign of the prestige of Vojvodina wines, both in Serbia and in many countries of the world, is the famous singer and songwriter of the Pannonian Plain Zvonko Bogdan. His name is a magnet in itself, and the superb wines and the art story that accompanies them are a symbol of the new winemaking times of northern Serbia, Subotica in particular. Zvonko Bogdan Winery has won many valuable awards, not only for wines but also as a beacon of wine tourism and culture in Serbia.


In the beautiful scenery at the very edge of lake Palić, the winery built in the Art Nouveau style is in complete harmony with the fairytale environment. The blend of wine and art is noticeable at every corner of this building, which astonishes its interior, resembling large European yards. Countless paintings and art objects, luxurious spaces intended for wine, but also for any other tourism are just an upgrade of the latest devices for wine processing and aging. The total capacity of the winery is over half a million liters and a magnificent 1,500-square-foot barric cellar with more than 300 of the best French and American barracks, the archive and the tasting room in the glass are breathtaking.


International grape varieties have been planted at three locations in the Subotica-Horgoski sandstone area. With specific soil and microlocation conditions, grapes of the highest quality are obtained. The first plantations were raised in 2006, so that today, in the Ludaš, Radić and Palic positions, the grapes will grow to as much as 59 hectares.

The varieties to be converted into wines are Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Nutmeg Yellow, and Merlot, Frankish, Cabernet Francs and Sauvignon.


From the very beginning, the winery has been dedicated to the highest quality. Much effort was invested in adapting the soil to the strict rules required by eminent oenologists, but proper selection of varieties was crucial for success. This was one of the reasons why, for the first years, experts placed this winery at the very top of the Serbian wine scene.

Winning the Cuvee No. Label 1 at the Big Test in 2012, but also at the AWC in Vienna, were a sure sign that Palic had won his red wine champion for many years.


The wines are produced in three lines: Classic, Premium and Icon. They are recognizable by the labels made by the famous painter Eugen Kocis, but also by the fact that classic and premium white wines have threaded closures instead of cork.


CUVEE No.1 2015

Wine with great aging potential, blend of Merlo (50%), cabernet and franks. Winner of 17 Grand Prix awards around the world, including the Grand Prix at the Big Test 2012. It stands out for its specific aromas of black fruit, creamy structure, wonderful balance and layered taste. After 15 months in the barracks, this is a wine that offers great value for money, and is the perfect accompaniment to lamb and beef dishes, especially the local specialty perklet.

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  • If WWII and the Cold War never happened, those wine regions around Caucasia would be internationally renowned... I’m just happy they’re starting to reemerge.

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