The biggest chip in the world? I think not!

This chap has claimed to have found the biggest chip in the world - I beg to differ, look at the size of this!

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Some things matter. They deserve serious consideration, should be well thought through and given time, they really matter. The times we live in right now are such that this is one of those things!

Oliver Dale, a British father of two, claims he found the world's biggest chip while making dinner for his other half and their children. The McCain Crinkle Cut oven chip caused quite a stir in the house when he came across it and immediately had to show his wife.

After much laughter from the pair, they decided to measure it and, having found it was a gobsmacking 7 inches in length, thought it was only right that they contacted Guinness World Records to share their discovery with the world.

Here it is, in all its glory. They have even provided a helpful banana for scale!

The dispute...

I'm not one to rip a man down in his prime but I recently had a chip that absolutely dwarfs this small fry!

It was a curly fry and was practically a dinner in itself. I didn't measure the specimen but, I think it is clear to see, that this is quite the lengthy spud!

No Guinness adjudicator required!

In all seriousness, the reason Oliver decided to go public with this is that times are pretty difficult, currently, and he knew and this would generate a bit of discussion and cheer.

In relation to the monster chip, he said ‘The reason I’ve done it is a bit of light hearted fun in grim times. I did it more of a conservation starter so for people who may be suffering with their mental health. It’s rather that than waking up every day and listening to the grim numbers of people dying. Whether it's positive or negative comments around it, yes it’s only a chip but it gets people talking.’

And that's worth applauding!

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