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The Black Swan Tavern: Lobster Grilled Cheese!

Rich and delicious!

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While I'm from the United States and currently live in the state of Georgia, I have been very fortunate to have lived in England, visited Ireland often when my parents lived there for several years, and I still enjoy traveling all over the world when the opportunities arise. Through all of my traveling experiences, one of my most favorite places to eat is a good, authentic pub.

In the United States good and authentic pubs are actually not that rare, and I take comfort in knowing that I have very good access to great examples of Bangers and Mash (my ultimate favorite!), Toad in the Hole, Fish and Chips (another favorite), an Irish Fry (a beautiful and awesome breakfast for those not in the know), and a variety of other traditional pub offerings. When I saw an advertisement for Groupons for a pub in our area I hadn't tried, The Black Swan Tavern, I purchased two of them immediately!

The Black Swan Tavern seems to bill itself as a British pub, but has a nice mix of British and Irish pub offerings on the menu. I was also impressed when I saw a bottle of Pimms behind the bar and I was able to order a Pimms Cup before dinner during my first try of the Black Swan. Unfortunately, on that trip, my enthusiasm with the place ended there.

I ordered my ultimate favorite pub food, Bangers and Mash, and my wife ordered the Dublin Cheese-steak (corned beef and melty beer-cheese on a hoagie roll). The gravy on my Bangers and Mash seemed to have been cooked too long and was very reduced and overly salty. My wife's Dublin Cheese-steak featured a pitifully small amount of corned beef cold cuts drowned in way too much beer cheese causing the Dublin Cheese-steak to be a soggy and unappetizing mess. I was left feeling very disappointed, but I had a second Groupon to the place that I was going to have to use in the future.

Well, that Groupon was coming up on its expiration date and I didn't want to let it go to waste, so last night we decided to use it. We went with neighbors and had a drink at the bar first. The Black Swan Tavern has a very nice, cozy atmosphere with an awesome bar service; and if the food was better, I'd drag my wife there all of the time! After a pint of Guinness, we were seated and ordered some appetizers. I ordered what is surely an American bastardization of two good foods that I've seen in pubs over here in the US of A before; Corned Beef Egg-rolls. They were pretty good!

Corned Beef Egg-rolls.

Corned Beef Egg-rolls.

For dinner I ordered something I had really wanted to try the first time we had come to the Black Swan; the Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich! This grilled cheese sandwich just sounds like a pure winner with it's combination of cheeses and lobster!

The Lobster Grilled Cheese was indeed very good, but VERY rich. The cheese was very gooey and flavorful, and the sandwich was loaded with lobster. The sandwich was so rich though, that I wouldn't have been able to eat another bite, even if I was still hungry. Unfortunately my fries were under cooked!

In all honesty, I can't see eating at this place again. The menu sound great but the quality of the food just falls short. But, I am happy to have tried the Lobster Grilled Cheese, and I enjoyed the hell out of it!

Now I'm craving a big plate of really good Bangers and Mash!

What's your favorite pub food?

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