The Butterfield diet plan - the secret to weight loss?

You will be shocked by the benefits

40w ago


Over the last few years, there have been some extraordinary diet plans to help people lose weight. Some of these include the keto diet and veganism as well as juice cleansing diets. But, what people are forgetting is what could possibly be the most beneficial diet plan available.

I was listening to the DriveTribe podcast today and Tim, Rob and Rachael (spelled correctly) reminded me of an old video which takes you through the undeniably genius Butterfield diet. This is a very simple yet effective diet which has proved to overhaul many people's lives. Just look at the comments for the video. An astonishing 99.9% of people who attempted this diet now have diabetes and an incredibly high cholesterol, and that's all thanks to the genius of this diet plan.


The majority of your meals would consist of simple and clean ingredients such as, an cornflake or an bean in low fat tomato sauce. A great combo can also be ice cubes with artificial sweetener. That is my personal favourite. Then to end the week, you are allowed to take the whole of Saturday to eat as much as you want, but don't worry, you can have Sundays off as a treat.

I would be very interested to hear your success from this diet and how it has helped you as it sure helped Brian Butterfield. And if you are a world renowned nutritionist and want to tell me this is a stupid idea and can make you ill then you can stuff it up your...

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    • Apparently if you just live by the Saturday diet plan then the benefits are even better!

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