The Butterfield diet plan – the secret to weight loss?

You will be shocked by the benefits...

2y ago

Over the last few years, there have been some extraordinary diet plans to help people lose weight: juice cleansing, the ice diet, the prayer diet... and of course, who could forget the cabbage soup diet?

But there's one diet above all others... the Butterfield Diet Plan.

I was listening to the DriveTribe podcast recently, and Tim, Rob and Rachael (spelled correctly) reminded me of the best video on the whole of the internet.

This is a very simple yet effective diet which has proved to overhaul many people's lives. Just look at the comments. An astonishing 99.9% of people who attempted this diet now have diabetes and an incredibly high cholesterol – and that's all thanks to the genius of this diet plan.

What do you get to eat on the Butterfield Diet Plan?

The week starts out cutting things back pretty drastically... a single cornflake, square of ham, one bean in low fat tomato sauce. A tasty pudding includes ice cubes with artificial sweetener.

But, my friends... Saturday, is treat day. For 24 hours, you can eat an amazing array of foods suggested to you by Brian Butterfield himself. Just look at him now.

I'd love to hear your success stories from this incredible diet plan... and how delicious fluffy ruffs really are.

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    • Apparently if you just live by the Saturday diet plan then the benefits are even better!

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