The Caffeine Cornerstone

The cornerstone of civilization.

2y ago

Coffee moves you. It is the kick-off, kick-starter of the world. Coffee is good for you. Coffee is believed to have been invented in Yemen, around 700 years ago, and it is pound for pound, both currency and weight, the single most valuable invention in the history of the world.

Coffee is righteous. It can boost or soothe your mood. Get you going when the going gets tough and keep time, sort of like a clock, sort of like a metronome, when the day is too long.

I just feel like we should get our priorities in order because choosing Arabic, Brazilian, Ethiopian is important and so is "customizing" it, as certain coffee franchises suggest but I think the main thing about it is that you need to keep the right mindset for coffee. Every drop is there to make your day better.

Black, no milk, no sugar, no foam cup, no latte. In a demitasse. That’s how it’s done

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  • Right on Alessandro!

      1 year ago