The Cat & Fiddle British Pub in Los Angeles

A little piece of Britain in the USA

1y ago

Los Angeles, California is not just a city full of glitz, glamour, and traffic, but it is also plentiful with food! Everywhere you go, you can find an eatery offering up specialties from around the world: Mexican, Korean, Italian, Thai, Russian, and so many others to name a few. How about an British pub? They have that too.

The Cat & Fiddle restaurant is located just a mile and a half south of Hollywood Boulevard on North Highland Avenue. It opened in 1982 and has moved around the city several times since. They serve up most classic British meals along with a wide selection of beers and spirits to wash it down. Some of the yummies included on the menu are fish and chips, full English fry-up, Sunday roast, sausage rolls, and of course a lovely Shepherd's Pie, which is what I had.

I had never eaten a Shepherd's Pie. Gasp! I always wanted to try one, because what's not to love about flavorful ground meat mixed with plenty of peas and carrots, and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and a delicious coating of gravy? Shepherd's Pies are not something we have on the daily in the U.S., so I was excited to try something new, especially from a part of the world I already love.

It was incredibly tasty, made with a mix of ground lamb and beef and seasoned with something I unfortunately could not identify. Perhaps it was thyme and/or rosemary. It was a hearty pie, and the perfect meal to have after a long day of sightseeing.

For dessert, I shared a sticky toffee pudding which was equally delectable and also new for me. It was served warm with a heaping dollop of cream on top. No reviews on the alcohol here, since I'm not a routine drinker, but the Cat & Fiddle offered a wide selection of international drafts and bottles, as well as classic and custom cocktails.

It was a wholesome and filling meal, and it's worth the stop in if you want to experience classic British cuisine in the US! It was certainly a good start in preparation for me to eat my way through London if all plans go well for a Christmas 2020 visit ;)

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Comments (4)

  • 😋

      1 year ago
  • someone help me...what is 'Full English Fry-up?'

      1 year ago
    • Full English breakfast that has eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, black pudding 😀

        1 year ago
  • That shepherds pie looks delicious!

      1 year ago