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The Celebrated Pop Rock Martini

Once you pop, you can't stop

The Celebrated Pop Rock Martini

You'd be hard pressed to find a better cocktail to celebrate with, than a Pop Rock Martini. Raspberry sweetness topped with crackling candies that dance around the rim of your glass. It's a drink and a show at the same time. Here I enjoy one in the Velvet Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando, after a long weekend of covering a supercar event... see below for ingredients.

Pop Rock Martini Mix Ingredients

Stoli Raspberry - Stolichnaya raspberry flavored Russian vodka

Razzmatazz - Dekuyper raspberry schnapps (Razzmatazz liqueur)

Sour - Any sour mix of your choice (sweet and sour aka sour)


mix to taste and pour into a pop rock rimmed glass

Garnishing the rim with Pop Rocks

moisten the inside rim of a martini cocktail glass

Line inside rim with your choice of flavored pop rock candies


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More about the Velvet Bar

Undeniably cool with true rock star swagger, this sleek lobby-level bar is the perfect place to catch up with your entourage. Dark wood, red leather, and rich fabrics create the vibe of an exclusive VIP room. Come in for a night of tasty appetizers and live music, or spend a laidback evening sipping wine on the veranda. Suave and stylish, Velvet will be a smooth start or finish (or both) to your evening.

The last Thursday of every month (excluding November and December), Velvet Bar hosts the award-winning Velvet Sessions* in the lobby lounge. These incredible rock 'n' roll parties showcase different specialty cocktails along with fabulous finger foods and live music from legendary bands. Past performers include Bret Michaels, Joan Jett, Foreigner, Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult, and many more.

The Velvet Bar

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