The challenge is over and the winners are...

My dear FoodTribers - you have outdone yourself this time. Well, most of you did anyway. Some just didn't got the idea...

It was just like yesterday, when I started the #CookYourself challenge with the idea of openness in October - the mental health month. Cooking something that would describe non other, but yourself turned out to be extremely difficult, even for me, as my entry ended squarely in the "Food Fails" tribe . . again. Yet a lot of you made it happen, some even went as far as employing molecular methods to create a solid drink!

But alas, nothing is ever perfect and some of you got the wrong idea. Describing your nationality in a dish isn't equal to describing yourself. On the contrary - it's a very stereotypical way of thinking, because every person is unique and nationality can't be used to sum you up. Although it's difficult not to describe an Italian without Pasta/Pizza in the same sentence. Sorry, Italians - that's the price for being famous around the world with something that's universally loved.

Anyways, let's get going in reverse and maybe, just maybe, if I have some coins left at the end, I will award them as a bonus for creativity, because there was plenty of that!

3rd place - 50 coins

Kelly Harvel takes that away with something completely out of the box, although it's sort of a box. It's a full course with original combinations, stuffed with whacky ideas and beautifully presented. There's also a short description of what the meal represents and it's nice to see a person here cautiously opening up to the whole community. Well done, Kelly!

2nd place - 250 coins

Robin Ho got the idea perfectly straight-forward and managed to execute it by adding his nationality and not relying on it entirely. An exemplary entry! He described himself a bit humbly, but very honestly with something from his traditional cuisine and managed to impress me with simplicity and attention to detail, because the great culinary wonders of the world are born this way. Robin also put the extra effort to capture everything on video - probably the most pleasant surprise for me of all challenge entries. Well done, Robin!

1st place - 500 coins

Jeannine L, I have to admit, completely blew me away with her very detailed and descriptive entry. She did not miss a single thing, describing herself with a sweet treat that I've never seen before in my entire life (and I have a sweet tooth, so I've seen MANY)! Her open, honest and brave approach both captures and perfectly represents the spirit of the whole #CookYourself challenge. And a person who's willing to open up completely only deserves love and admiration. Now I know why Jeannine is universally loved by everyone on FoodTribe like a Pizza here. Well done, Jeannine! You're not just this challenge's winner, but a real-life winner in my eyes! Truly larger than life! โค๏ธ

Bonus award for creativity

Chef Simonetta . . damn! And I mean DAMN! What you've done is barely believable! I can't get enough of this cocktail. The idea of creating a solid drink still gives me goosebumps! A+ for creativity! As whacky entries go, this is by far the whackiest and I love it!

Bonus award for individuality

James The-Foodie a.k.a my cuz got that pizza Personality with his honest description, not skipping on anything. Takes a brave soul to do that and what better way to describe yourself then pizza. The dough is the blank canvas and James is the artist, painting his lovely and kind personality with all of his honesty, and not backing out of it. Thank you for being open and honest, cuz!

Bonus award for presentation

Voodie Vie takes the cake with her Stonehenge Pancakes. When I saw her fruity presentation, I almost cried. It was so beautiful, creative and with a historical reference to a long lost, but not forgotten secretive culture. A well though out idea, realised with creativity and finesse. An inspiring way to steal the show with detailed and precise presentation. Well done, Voodie Vie!


I'm out of coins, ideas and cool by now. A huge shoutout to all that have participated - thank you for your time, resource (food is not free) and effort. I appreciate it. On a separate note, it will be interesting to see the boss lady - Rachael Hogg to make an entry, even if the challenge is over by now. James May mentioned on two separate occasions that Rachael is "made of ketchup", so I'm curious to see her, describing herself in a dish. Do you accept the challenge, Rachael? *crowd chanting "YEEEAAAHH"*

That's a wrap, #CookYourself is over, stay frosty (pun intended).

Credit: Clark Tibbs/Unsplash

Credit: Clark Tibbs/Unsplash

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