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The company that mails plant-based nuggets to your door is launching in stores

Nuggs are supposedly healthier than animal nuggets

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1y ago

Nuggs is a start-up that delivers plant-based chicken nuggets directly to your door. Made from pea protein, the nuggets have 10g of fat (around 40% less than chicken-based ones) and are cholesterol-free, prompting the company to promise that nuggs will “kill you slower”. Jokers.

The start-up operates almost like a software company, iterating on the nuggets after getting feedback from customers. You can check out their release notes here (Example: NUGGS 1.6 implements advanced 3D:Flavor technology to enable a more accurate chicken simulation).

Now, the start-up has announced it’s launching in stores this spring. Thanks to major investment from McCain foods, Nuggs will soon be available in the frozen aisle at 10,000 retailers, according to The Spoon.

Nuggs’ new Vice President of Sales Matt Merson said: “I am incredibly humbled to work alongside Ben [Pasternak, Founder and CEO of NUGGS] and his team. They have built an incredible product that gained significant traction direct-to-consumer, with the strategic backing of McCain. It is now time to launch across natural and conventional retail. The category is red hot and approaching $5 billion as consumers adapt their eating habits. We also have incredible active investors in McCain and others that will allow us to bring this brand to life in the global market quickly.”

A 10.4 ounce box of the plant-powered nuggets can be yours for $5.99.

Oh, and as a totally unrelated pro-tip: Nuggs have a nugget-based snake game on their site. It's as amazing as it sounds.

Plant-based nuggets direct to your door: great idea or dangerously easy?

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