- R​ambutan in the rain.

T​he curfew cuisine diaries from Sri Lanka goes au naturel

A​ mere 17.39 miles a way, a different world awaits.

1y ago

H​ere's a fact that might amuse you; we've still got a curfew, on daily, from midnight to four in the morning. That's 96 days of curfew - and counting. Not that it matters any more. We can travel. And so we did. We visited an area that's specially fertile, in this already fertile country.

So this post is not going to be about dishes - but about produce, literally straight from a garden.

S​alubrious is a word not used too often but it captures this area to the 't'. The weather is such that all three of Sri Lanka's "tradition exports", tea, rubber and coconut, grow in the shadow of each other.

E​verything you see, comes from the garden.

E​verything you see, comes from the garden.

A​ two day visit to this little holiday home and garden, with its incredibly generous hosts who are more hospitable than the average Sri Lankan ( and those who know this country will know that that's a lot! ) is more than enough to rejuvenate locked-down, curfew crushed souls.

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  • Couldn't agree more....

      1 year ago
  • That's interesting as I grow most of the fruit plants pictured above around my backyard here in Malaysia. But yes the Corvid lockdown had made us all more aware of what can be grown in our yards.

      1 year ago