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T​he curfew cuisine diaries from Sri Lanka - The End!

T​he curfew which we've had for 102 days ends today. In the 102 days of curfew, we have driven ourselves to find things to do. We have twerked our hobbies, taking them to levels never thought possible. But arguably, the most important thing we've done is discovered FoodTribe - and started contributing to it.

29w ago

H​ere's a secret. These posts are not just my effort. Everyone who's been in lockdown at home has had a stake in them. My wife began her garden in earnest and was in charge of the cakes and desserts cooked. My son (who was here with us) was the first to say if something was good or, in a very few instances, bad. My other son (a chéf abroad) offered tips from Hamamatsu, Japan. My father-in-law kept the garden as clean as a pin head. And then there's Rosemary, the wife's Woman-Friday and Kumar, the man who made it happen in the kitchen.

M​y contribution? To inspire. To direct. Basically, to get under the feet of everyone else!

T​his post is a non-audio/video flashback. Enjoy.

T​he thing is, even during lockdown, there were actually very few dramas about food. Towards the end, the most worrisome and stress-worthy factors were the availability of cigarettes and whisky.

J​ust about a month ago - it really seems so much longer than that - I began the Curfew Diaries. It's been a fun ride for me and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

During lockdown, we "missed" many important celebrations. Easter, Singhala & Tamil New Year, Birthdays... each of these had their own "traditional eats". And we actually didn't miss a single... Except the most important one. The wife's Birthday. But she's not one who would want a party with a million guests and a lot of food - her perfect birthday would be in another country, enjoying another culture. Last year, a special one for her, she was baptised in the River Jordan. So her birthday present for this year was differed, to be collected at a later date. I just have to make it as special as the Jordan trip. No pressure.

D​uring the lockdown, we experimented like mad scientists in pursuit of eternal youth. Thankfully, the internet made sure we didn't blow our tastebuds into oblivion. But we had to adapt. We had to take the basic recipe and skew it to what we had.

A​t the end, it's always the "everyday food" that shone through. Breakfasts', lunches and dinners that don't feature exotic ingredients, or complicated cooking techniques, but used what we had. Be it from the garden, or got over the internet. Or, as from a couple of weeks ago, from our markets, super or otherwise.

A​nd now it's over.

S​o here's the thing. The curfew is over and done with. Where to now? I noticed that there's a "polls" option that I could use. So...

I​ haven't actually used this poll thing before, so 1, be gentle and 2, be honest and 3, be creative. On my part, I hope I could figure out how this thing works! Click on what you'd want.

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  • Enjoyed the posts thoroughly!! Entertaining prose accompanied the interesting photos and all Sri Lankan’s would easily relate to your quirky takes on the local cuisine!! Thanks for keeping us entertained and do keep posting.

      6 months ago
  • Enjoyed the post and learn about Sri Lankan. My suggestion: The C̶u̶r̶f̶e̶w̶ Cuisine Diaries From Sri Lankan.

      6 months ago
  • I think while the chapter of the curfew diaries is over, the story has just begun... keep typing...

      6 months ago