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- M​ilk Rice and Eggs Sunnyside up - with a "rice puller"

The curfew cuisine diaries from Sri Lanka: Breakfast of champions

B​reakfast, the most important meal of the day (for us), took on a new meaning during lockdown

1y ago

B​eing a creature of habit, my breakfast "menu" hadn't changed, well, forever. There was a decade or so of flirtation with cereals, but things swung back to the usual. Stringhoppers and half boiled eggs. The lockdown changed that.

Stringhoppers became scarce.

T​he curfew diary began after a week of Stringhoppers and half boiled eggs: I had to be sure lockdown was actually gone. During the lockdown though, interesting options popped up and the most interesting one which warranted repeated use was this.

E​gg still made a major contribution for breakfast with what could be seen as an unusual pairing

E​gg still made a major contribution for breakfast with what could be seen as an unusual pairing

I​n Sri Lanka, as in a few other south east Asian and Asian countries, we have access to a product commonly known as Two-Minute-Noodles. There are many variations of the theme, worldwide, such as Cup-O'-Noodles and so on.

The products come with their own flavour sachets, to add zing to what would otherwise be a very bland cuisine. These flavour sachets cater to the local palette and so locally, we have extra spicy flavour options. Now I'm not a fan of food that's too spicy, but when it comes to Two-Minute-Noodles, I'm all for it. Especially if it's covered with scrambled egg. The result was good enough to challenge, briefly, my Stringhoppers and Egg breakfast routine.

T​hinking about it, most people have a standard breakfast. All of us have options too. For example, the milk-rice featured above is a breakfast we have on the first of every month. Milk-rice goes with everything. Sausage and eggs? White curry and something fried? Spicy mango salad and chicken? Everything goes with milk-rice. Add a 'rice-puller' like a katta sambol, which is basically: maldifish, chilies, onions and lots of lime, all ground up to make a paste that seriously makes you want to eat more, and you're looking at a breakfast to make a champion of anyone.

T​he thing about having a breakfast of champions is that no matter how you look at it, it takes time. Fortunately during lockdown, time was the one resource we had plenty of.

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