- T​he Breakfast Skillet - what a way to start your day!

The curfew cuisine diary from Sri Lanka: another day, another dish

You've gotta love YouTube. I picked this recipe up from Spain On A Fork. Thanks dude

1y ago

S​taying at home for 72 (now 73 days) does strange thing to you. You find yourself open to the things you never would have considered doing - or having - before. Such was the case of this dish. It's not a very complicated recipe; but man was it... interesting. It didn't help having people in lockdown who weren't exactly fans of extreme tartness!

M​aybe it was because we didn't exactly have the best Sweet Paprika. Maybe I was a bit heavy handed with the tomato. I was in the majority of one here, when it came to liking it. Ah well. Live and learn, as they say - and the good thing is that we had plenty of time on our hands to do so. The one thing this lockdown has thought us is that we have to 'make do' with whatever we have. There were times when we were pushed to come up with interesting ways to keep going. This was one of those times. Roasted Potatoes, Canned Tomatoes, Sweet Paprika, Eggs, what could go wrong, right? As it turns out, a lot. So. The Sweet Paprika wasn't the best, maybe. And instead of Canned Tomatoes, I had to use a can of tomato puree (it was what we had) and that's probably where it started going down hill. Also - I jazzed things up a bit by adding chilli powder because the family is bananas for ultra spicy stuff.

O​overall, it was good, but not spectacular.

W​ould I do it again? Yes. But the next time around I'd do it properly. The Breakfast Skillet deserves nothing less.

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