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The Great British Bake off: All you need to know about the season so far

Missed the first three episodes? No worries, here is everything you need to know about our bakers to get you up to speed!

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T​he first three weeks have come and gone and, with them, three bakers from our original bakers dozen have left the tent. Don't worry if you missed the first few episodes, i'm going to get you caught up so you're ready to jump in this Tuesday for week four!


Alice is a 28 year old Geography teacher from London. She likes to work with bold flavours and delicate, intricate designs. After a very average week one, she took Star Baker in week two, winning the technical challenge and sculpting a perfect lamb from biscuits and macarons. She was also in the running for Star Baker in week three so will be one to watch, going forward!


David is a 36 year old health adviser and veritable globe trotter, travelling regularly for work. He takes his inspiration from flavours and designs he sees on his travels, although this is not always to his benefit with his African Mask bread being branded “all style and no substance”


Helena is a 40 year old online project manager with a passion for all things Halloween. If there is scope to make a bake spooky, she will take it and run with it having created, among other things, these Wicked Witch Fingers! A mid-field runner so far, avoiding the danger zone.


20 year old Henry is an English literature student from Durham who was inspired to get into baking when the Bake Off tent pitched up in his hometown, many years ago. Having put in the hard work to make it to the tent himself, he has struggled to make his creative ideas fit the bill but has won two technical challenges with his angel cakes in week one and his baps in week three. There is also the very sad story of his royal icing house which everyone agreed was stunning but collapsed before it made it onto his showstopper.


26 year old Michael is a fitness instructor and theatre manager from Perthshire. He spent the majority of week one taking chunks out his hand with knives so the fact he is still alive, let alone in the tent, is admirable! Since that very red weekend, he has gone on to do good things, culminating in the first Hollywood Handshake of the series in reaction to his star shaped tear and share loaf.


Michelle is a 35 year old administrator from Wales. She is enormously patriotic and tries to get a little bit of her home nation into every bake, whether that’s in the flavours she gets from her local produce or from the design of her work. She was awarded Star Baker in week one having baked what Prue describe as “possibly the best cake I’ve ever eaten” in her toadstool carrot cake, and has done well ever since.


56 year old Phil is an HGV driver from Essex. He bakes regularly with his favourite type of bake being bread. This served him will this week, doing well in both the Signature and Showstopper challenges, having previously been told his flavours have been a bit off balance.


34 year old Priya is a marketing consultant and aspiring novelist from Leicester. She has some good ideas, attempting to incorporate authentic Indian flavours and serve the judges things they’ve never had before, however she is yet to get the design and the taste right at the same time.


Rosie is a 28 year old vet from Somerset. Her love for animals has come out in many of her bakes so far, from her Magical Jungle birthday cake to her chicken sculpture on biscuit week. She doesn’t scrimp on flavour either with her Virgin Mojito biscuits wowing the judges in week two.


28 year old Steph is from Chester and, with three part time jobs, it’s a wonder she finds any time for baking. That being the case, her designs and flavours have been very impressive and she has done well in the technical challenges, just missing the top spot in week one.

T​hose are our bakers, who has impressed you so far and who do think should leave the tent?

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