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The Great Debate... Jam or Cream first?

Today, we get to set the record straight on a debate that dates back to the 11th Century...

1y ago

It's that time of year where restaurants, hotels or any established eatery starts dishing out some fantastic traditional Afternoon Teas. Every single one, whether budget or 'crème de la crème', will have scones on the menu. If they don't, LEAVE. But what's almost exactly a 50/50 split, are people's views on whether the jam or cream should come first.

Devon or Cornwall?

Those that side with the Devonshire way are adamant the clotted cream comes first. They believe that cream is like butter, you wouldn't put jam on toast and then butter on top and they guffaw at those that think differently. But those that have chosen the Cornish way are equally if not more passionate that their way, is the right way. They insist that it's easier to spread and you can taste the cream better on top!

But can we all agree that it's strawberry jam and strawberry jam only, whether first or last, and not such monstrosities like raspberry or apricot jam?

So, lets settle this once and for all...


Sorry Cornwall, but it's Devonshire all the way for me. The cream comes FIRST followed by a dollop of strawberry jam. Apparently it's been scientifically proven that only psychopaths put jam first... OK, fine, I might be making that one up.

Here's a recent batch of scones that I baked. The strawberries on top is a bit off-piste, but a nice touch.

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Comments (14)

  • Nice . Welcome to foodtribe

      1 year ago
  • Welcome to FoodTribe!

      1 year ago
  • put one on one side and one on the other then it doesnt matter :)

      1 year ago
  • I'm cream first.

    That way I can spread and dollop as much on the scone as possible and then drop the jam on top.

    I feel a trip to the shop for clotted cream now 🤪

    Aerosol cream??? There really ought to be a law against that on a scone with jam.

      1 year ago
  • Just cream for me

    Lashings and lashings of cream

      1 year ago