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The Guide to Healthier Pizza on Sport Night

While you scream at the R​ugby or Super Bowl, your waistlines will be shouting for some decent health play too!

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B​eer in hand, volume turned to max and a takeaway on the side, it's a classic scenario that has to be repeated for big sports events. And with the Six Nations Rugby tournament kicking off, along with Super Bowl Sunday, sofas around the world will be on top form. Unlike your waistlines.

P​izza tops the list of vital foods required for such events, yet it also tops the list of junk food. Eating it regularly can be detrimental to your health, with 35% of England reported to be overweight in 2017.

However, sports lovers do not despair! Below is a helpful guide to making your own simple, quick and delicious pizzas fit for any athlete or sofa observer!

S​tep One - The Base

Alas the Tortilla! T​he common misconception regarding making your own pizzas is the technical skill and effort that needs to go into a base; yet by simply using this tip, not only will you save hours slaving in the kitchen, but you'll make your pizza far healthier.

T​he Tortilla

T​he Tortilla

W​hile these wraps may not be as filling as a takeaway pizza, even if you consumed three of these head-sized bases, you would be drastically below the calories in a Domino's!

S​tep Two - The Sauce

J​ust as simple as the base, by swapping out the sugar content of pizza-ready packaged tomato sauce for a fresher alternative not only will it be more flavoursome, the guilt is non-existent.

T​hese ingredients can create the ultimate richness needed for the ideal spread: Chopped Tomatoes, Italian Mixed Herbs (or fresh basil) and tomato puree. Add to a blender for 30 seconds and begin coating!

T​he Tomato

T​he Tomato

Step Three - T​he Cheese

C​heese is cheese and unfortunately this guilty-pleasure can't be made any healthier than purchasing 'reduced-fat'. However, by utilising a ball of mozzarella and spreading evenly, the need to layer cheddar upon cheddar becomes unnecessary, resulting in far less fat!

S​bread the mozzarella evenly

S​bread the mozzarella evenly

T​he cheese will melt and spread, covering all your delicious toppings, yet allowing their flavour to come through even more.

(TIP: Place your first few chunks before your toppings and the rest on top)

S​tep Four - The Toppings

T​his one is self-explanatory...Go crazy!

However, t​he secret to this freedom is deceitful as you will unconsciously be required to almost half your toppings portion as the tortilla won't be able to hold the weight of 4 pounds of pepperoni, sorry!

S​tep Five - The Cooking

T​he excitement of the match beginning is building and the pizza is placed in the oven. Good news? They only require around 6-8 minutes to cook on a high temperature!

S​imply place them on a tray in the oven and enjoy when the crust of the wrap is golden and crispy. Make more if required!

It is important to note that the enjoyment of takeaways and pleasure foods should continue to be enjoyed and savoured! This alternative is simply an option if you are taking into account your recurring habits and the possible consequences of constant social events. So go ahead and enjoy pizza in whichever way you fancy...

C​ome on England!!!

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  • I now cannot wait to eat pizza for breakfast everyday by claiming that it's actually healthy

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