The holidays are coming, the M&S Colin The Caterpillar advent calendar is here

The popular cake is available in calendar form for the holiday season

1w ago

Like many grocery stores Marks & Spencer has brought out a load of Halloween food launches recently, but that's not all they've been doing. A few Christmas bits have been popping up and that includes a Colin The Caterpillar Chocolate Advent Calendar.

Spotted by Instagram user @_well_this_is_new_, this adorable advent calendar features 24 mini chocolate Colin faces with Christmas Day being a giant chocolate Colin face.

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

You might be looking at this and wondering how it works because it doesn't look anything like the traditional advent calendars we're used to. Well, it's quite simple and super cute! You fold out his legs each day until he's fully formed.

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

You can pick up the Colin The Caterpillar Chocolate Advent Calendar now for £10 and if you can hold off on unfolding the legs and eating all the chocolate before the 1st of December, then we applaud you!

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

Photo from @_well_this_is_new_ on Instagram

In addition to this advent calendar we suspect there will be a Christmas version of the Colin cake. Though we haven't seen him yet, we'll be keeping an eye out on the M&S shelves in the coming weeks.

So what do you think FoodTribers, will you be picking up a Colin Advent Calendar this holiday season or simply sticking to the Colin cakes?

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Comments (6)

  • I'm assuming ALDI's not taking them on this time

      8 days ago
  • Already??? At the time Christmas 2021 has arrived the chocolate is expired 😂😂

      9 days ago
    • Lol potentially, if you can even find them at Christmastime. They might sell out before then

        8 days ago
  • Nice!

      2 days ago