The Italians are so serious about carbonara, there's a (terrible) song about it

What ingredients go into carbonara? Can you break up with a girl because she puts cream in it?

2w ago

Turns out, it's apparently perfectly valid to break up with a girl who puts cream in her carbonara. "Because tradition is not an opinion."

After the success of the post about Le Focaccine dell'Esselunga, I thought that the Tribers might like another song about food.

In this case, we are talking about Carbonara, so the speech is serious. What ingredients go into real carbonara? And can you leave a girl because she puts cream in it?

Here's a parody song, with a lot of clichés, a little bit of sexism (just a bit) and a lot of silliness... but with the right ingredients! Hope you like it!

Panna - Murry

It's dramatic...

I hope it never happens...

I get up and make her coffee

Just woke up and

She is a little hungry he says to me

But my fridge is empty

I have two eggs in the pantry

Then she notices, she's getting solid and compensates for it

(I could never imagine it)

She put the cream in the carbonara

It can't be true, I already miss the air

I keep calm, I repeat myself wait

But instead of guanciale, she uses pancetta

I suffer in silence, and I think about how to tell her to f*ck off.

I suffer, and I think, what can I come up with

I try to pretend nothing has happened, while inside I slowly die

She looks at me innocently, I didn't think she really did

So I'm looking for a convincing idea, to send her to tell her to f*ck off instantly

Then she looks at me with those sweet eyes and I think it wasn't that important

I'm calling my best friend

And I tell him what happened to me

He doesn't talk to me, I think he's stunned

But shortly afterwards I discover that he has passed out

I don't know what to do, I'm desperate

I call my mother and I hope she is of help to me.

She says: love, I feel that you are shaken

Take a deep breath and explain to me what happened

She put the cream in the carbonara

I had to stop it, but I lacked air

I have to get her away, but I can't

So I grit my teeth and pluck up my courage

Listen to Mom, I don't want to be blunt, but if she uses cream, she's not the right one

She can be nice, a good girl

But on carbonara, for me it's not a joke

I suffer in silence, and I think about how I can leave her

I suffer and think about what I have to tell her

I'm sorry but I have to leave you, there is nothing here that can now be recovered

Before you acted you had to think about it

You're not made for me if you don't even know how to cook

And while she rages with me, my choice is now safe

You pack your bags, I'm thinking about my care

Mom, I'm going back to mom

While she is calmly preparing

The carbonara

Mom, she doesn't put cream in it, and while she looks at me she smiles at me and tells me that

There is no cream in carbonara

Pecorino and eggs, no weird stuff

Fry the guanciale, a little pepper and that's it

When the water boils, throw the pasta down

Long live my mom, and carbonara

She doesn't use cream if you don't know how to make it

May this song be a lesson to you

Because tradition is not an opinion

Thanks Mom, I love you

I can't go wrong with the carbonara

I leave her

The cream does not go there

(Stop with this cream!!!)

What's your favourite song about food or drink?

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Comments (19)

  • No cream to Carbonara same as no pineapple on pizza 😂

      17 days ago
    • EXACTLY!!!

        17 days ago
    • Pineapple on pizza is okay if you live in the US - after all, my second favorite President was born in Hawaii! (My first favorite was Jimmy Carter)

        16 days ago
  • 🤣 Given the looks of that girl, I'd be tempted to forgive her. A lot of things in fact 😁

      17 days ago
  • One of the few songs i memorized as a young boy and always be my favorite food song. The Coconut Nut

      15 days ago
    • I'd never heard that song before. Very neat song, and those kids in the video are awfully cute!

        15 days ago
    • The song is so famous in the Philippines during early 90's. The kids on the videos were the singers of that song ☺️

        15 days ago
  • You should have written about Charles Leclerc's video about carbonara instead :)

      13 days ago
  • The video was hilarious, but I kept wishing I could understand the words. Then I scrolled down for the translation... :) Thank you! Now I'll always remember, no cream in the carbonara.

      16 days ago