Foodie Twitter round-up: Bitter orange tarts, and calming ham sandwiches

It’s been a revolutionary week that has seen people take solace in the simpler methods of cooking.

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A new world leader and 46th president of the United States is a fairly significant event, but all that excitement and extravagance can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it is far nicer to lie back with a slice of cake in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, which is the gist of the food events on Twitter over the preceding week.

The US got a new president, and Nigella delivered some serious sass...

Nigella is a queen in every respect, and now she's proved she's also the queen of SASS. On the day Donald Trump finally left the White House, Nigella's recipe of the day was bitter orange tart. Presented without comment.

How to make a ham sandwich

No more of that supermarket “razor blade” rubbish for you – this is the undisputed sophisticated way of grabbing a not-so-quick snack. And so unbelievably calming to watch. If you've had a stressful week, take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch this.

Cake is healthy

If we can make cakes out of grapes then that conclusively proves that the yummy delights are healthy. No more fancy yoghurts around here.

Feeding first responders

Security was understandably tight for Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president, meaning that there were many stomachs of official personnel to be filled.

Baking for morons

No-bake desserts should, in theory, be incredibly simple to create; all they need is a bit of melting, a few crunches and an eternity in the fridge. However, I have a suspicious feeling that if I tried making any of them I’d end up as something worse than a moron.

A doctor writes...

Any doubts about Veganuary have finally been dispelled thanks to the knowledge and wisdom of Dr Pamela Anderson.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Meals fit for a king, celebrating the vast culinary skills of black chefs.

Stirring the pot

Food is not a personality, apparently. Bad news for teenage girls everyone who are obsessed with chicken nuggets.

Food for thought

Train your mind with intense philosophy from the brainiacs at Burger King.

Nice people exist

In a life crammed with hate it's significant to consider that pleasant people actually do exist – even within the murky depths of social media, apparently.

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  • Vegans don't make better beloveds though

      1 month ago
    • Don't question the wisdom of Pamela Anderson. She's an expert in something, probably

        29 days ago