- S​ome wild Lingon Berries.

T​he largest gourmet restaurant... in the world

I​t's Sweden, the country

8w ago

A​ while ago, I was presented with an ad about the largest gourmet restaurant in the world. I am not kidding, Sweden really is a very big, and very accessible country.

Recently, our friend and purveyor of booze, Alessandro Renesis, reminded me about that video with his post about the Drinkable Country, also from Visit Sweden.

O​ver the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting Sweden countless times, enjoying the land, the people, and definitely the food.

N​ow those sweet Nordic Folks have come up with something new: They have turned their whole Country into an outdoor Gourmet Restaurant. It is the biggest in the World. Literally no one can Compete.

Some Swedish Meatballs.

Some Swedish Meatballs.

A​ll that is possible because of Sweden's Allemansrätten, or the Right to Roam. It allows you to go pretty much anywhere, as long as you do not Disturb, Disrupt or Destroy. It is an awesome Right to have.

You can pluck wild fruit everywhere you are allowed to be. And you can also set up your tent in the very same places. It really is that easy.

A​nd now there are not only Outdoor Pubs, but also outdoor Kitchens sprinkled around everywhere. The Good Thing is: Should those be booked, you can still set up somewhere else!

F​resh Juniper Berries. Useful for Gin. And Cooking.

F​resh Juniper Berries. Useful for Gin. And Cooking.

O​n Visit Sweden's page on 'The Edible Country', they have even linked a few very nice looking recipes for anyone to try out. So you do not even have to visit the country. That is a bit challenging right now anyways. The C is still a word after all.

E​ating outdoors is always nice, not only in Sweden. But there, it is just a bit more magical. And I know what I am talking about.

I​ have some experience, after all.

A​ hidden Moose.

A​ hidden Moose.

T​hat is especially true when you spot a Moose in the Trees, or when there are so many Blueberries, Smultrons (Tiny Strawberries) and Lingon Berries that no one could possibly eat them all.

B​ecause of the C-Word, a Trip I had planned last Year fell into the Deep End. Since then, nothing has really changed. Except that I have even less Time, and that my Desire to visit my Friends up North once more is even bigger then ever.

I​ also want to have some real Swedish Meatballs in a real Swedish Sandwich. I can't get that here in Germany.

A​nd do not forget to leave Alessandro some Love. His Article is truly awesome!

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  • That's pretty cool!

      1 month ago
  • Thanks for the Reminder ;)

      1 month ago
  • It is a good concept

      1 month ago
    • To be completely honest: I would really love to be there, sitting in the Woods & having some awesome Food right now.

        1 month ago
    • I would enjoy that myself!

        1 month ago