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As committed to you all in my last post (Authentic Wood Fire Oven Pizza Along The Foothills of Himalaya) I was supposed to post 2 part soon about preparation of the Pizza in this Pizzeria’s kitchen but my school examinations kept me away from blogging for a while. Link of my previous blog if incase you want a recap(

Nevertheless by reading this post if you are able to this Pizzeria’s kitchen then my efforts for writing this post would be fulfilled so please spare some time.

Ramesh Tiwari (Chef-cum-owner) told us that they source some of their ingredients from Italy , prepare Pizza from scratch including fermenting the dough, preparation of Pizza Sauce & what not some of the veggies come from their own Organic Kitchen garden. Once the dough is ready he prepares the Pizza Base with bare hands by tossing it & pulling it to contour it into the near ideal shape. Afterwards Pizza Sauce is spread generously followed by Veggies and Cheese as per the pizza that has been ordered.

Now the Pizza is ready to be baked in their Wood Fired Oven as they do traditionally in Italy, it just takes a few minutes for the Pizza to get baked to perfection & afterwards it is drizzled with Olive Oil & sprinkle with herbs & then cut to slices. The Pizza is then served on a wooden serving plate.

This pizza is read for baking.

This pizza is read for baking.

At a time 4-5 Pizzas are ready to get the way to the oven after being dressed up properly with Sauce, Veggies and Cheese. To ensure that the Pizza is baked properly everytime, the temperature of the oven needs to be maintained optimally making our chef stay on his toes to do the same.

Mr Tiwari trying to cool down the temperature of their oven. .

Mr Tiwari trying to cool down the temperature of their oven. .

The wait of Pizza definitely maddens a person as there is generally a lot of rush at their place but once the Pizza comes in front we forget all the time that passed. This Pizza has been made with lots of love and hard work by the Chef shown in picture.

For more information you can visit this pizzeria's instagram website given below :

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