- J​ames is in league with the devil and casts two shadows

T​he middle-age spread

M​an in his fifties reverts to childhood through the miracle of vile sandwiches

1y ago

I​f you happen to be planning a school outing in a foul 30-year-old bus that's going to break down before lunchtime, then this is for you.

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  • Commercial jam is a poor second to granny jam. I love a jam butty, but they're not as good now as they were in the 70s, when my nan would fill her council house pantry with enough to last the year every summer. Sadly these days I have to rely on other people's nans, but there are many willing grannies at the local church fête to keep my memories - and sarnies - alive.

      1 year ago
  • I would choose the jam, but buttered on both sides. For me, chocolate doesn't belong on bread.

      1 year ago
  • It would be interesting to find a replacement for margarine in the vegan version.

    I really enjoy the end with chewing like, subsribe and comment. Did you make such a beautiful beard and hairstyle in honor of Richard Hammond, who disappeared from our field with a newly acquired morgan? So beautiful. I usually loved only your old hairstyle ... Like brilliant composers. But this. Truly beautiful. What will himself say to this?

      1 year ago
  • The best thing in your video was to listen to your poetic, revealing the deep essence of things, comments about the simplest recipes of dishes. It is very beautiful and interesting, especially with special effects. A bit of Japanese.

    I would love to eat a sandwich in which there is jam and chocolate at once together. And you?

      1 year ago
  • Jam please, I’m allergic to nuts, so I won’t be trying the hazelnut chocolate. Thanks James

      1 year ago