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The most Irish dish that’s not

Planning my St Patrick's Day dinner

46w ago

Come March, we will hear all about the corned beef and cabbage to be shared on St. Patrick’s day! This dish goes hand-in-hand with the “Kiss me, I’m Irish” shirts, and Green Beer. It’s both delicious and for some it may even seem like tradition. Upon planning my St Patrick's dinner, I struck up conversation with a Chef friend of mine who is of Irish descent. Before this conversation, I was certain corned beef and cabbage was the most Irish dish of Irish dishes. After, however, was another story. Apparently, corned beef and cabbage is rarely eaten for any holiday! To be clear, this is an Irish dish, mostly Irish-American/Irish for the holiday once a year at the local pub dish. I now have an issue: what dish should we have on Tuesday, March 17th this year?

Going back to my conversation, my friend was generous enough to explain the most common Irish food: Fish & Chips. This is the case because it’s plentiful. During the Victorian era, the working class didn’t have much money and the diet was just plain and unvaried. Italian migrants passing through the small English towns sensed a business opportunity and started setting up Fish and Chip stands. Soon they were all across Ireland, Scotland and England. In fact Fish and Chips had become so important to the local people, that during World War II the British Ministers bent over backwards to ensure Fish and Chips were one of the few foods that were never rationed. To keep the price down, they were often served in old newspapers. Recently we have seen innovation in this area. The practice of using old news paper has just recently stopped. This is due to food safety concerns. That’s a good thing.

So go down to your local fish monger and get a nice piece of fish. I think we can all be proud to serve Fish and Chips this year.

Enjoy my friend

D​oug's Fish & Chip Recipe

D​oug's Fish & Chip Recipe

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  • my wife dreads March 17th because of my insistence for corned beef & cabbage. She HATES hates hates the smell. (She has OCD but hey...) Now, that I know 1) real Irish rarely eat it and 2) thanks to Ancestry DNA, I'm not Irish after all, I will please her by calling an end to the cb&c.

      10 months ago
  • I always wondered why people talked about corned beef and cabbage. We have Irish American roots and we very rarely had corned beef and cabbage. When we did, it was always cooked cabbage with a can of pinkish ground up funky corned beef mixed in. Thank heaven I learned about real corned beef! Now fish and potatoes—if our family had an emblem plant it probably would be a potato! Fried potatoes were the first thing I learned to cook. It wasn’t breakfast without the pan of fried potatoes!

      10 months ago
  • i might just become a fish eater after that

      10 months ago
  • Last time I had fish and chips- they served it in an paper cone (on the outside printed like a newspaper) an inside the paper was clean. We should not eat the print color of newspapers. Now it is styled like the old times.

      10 months ago
  • Happy St David’s Day!

      10 months ago