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    The Muffler: Burger Review

    Looks disgusting. Isn't.

    1y ago


    Burger Score

    So, what did you think?

    Epitomises the ‘dirty burger’ genre. My personal favourite when it comes to tasty burgers. Not healthy. Doesn’t pretend to be. Opt for extra slow-cooked pulled pork if you’re feeling brave. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.


    WHERE: Yo My Goodness (YOMG); Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia

    INGREDIENTS: Beef, southern fried chicken, double cheese, bacon, pickles, onion fries, bbq sauce, mayo


    EXTRAS: Gluten Free Bun ($1), Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork ($4.50)

    PRICE AS SEEN: $23.50


    TASTE: 9.5/10


    QUALITY: 7/10

    OVERALL RATING: 7.5/10

    W​here can I go for more information?


    What do you think? Let me know below!

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    Comments (10)

    • Devil's Advocate, here.

      We could argue that although bacon is not only desirable but a given when talking about great burgers, I believe pulled pork is too much. You could also come back wondering what real difference there is between fried pork and roasted pork. I might then point out that you Aussies are just trying to poke fun at us fat Murricans who obv eat their burgers with several added layers of other meats every day. Then you'd return by saying that Oz is a free country too, and the USA has no trademark on gluttony.

      And it would be a draw.

      But the damn chicken patty, I'm just not gonna stand for it....

        1 year ago
      • It's worth noting that I added the pulled pork. And I (if I don't say so myself) am a sophisticated man with a sophisticated taste in burgers. And THIS is a good burger. ;P

        Not a fan of the chicken?! Oh Rob...

        I am intrigued now though. What...

        Read more
          1 year ago
    • Love this idea!

        1 year ago
    • Ooh yes. Unlike some overkill burgers, it doesn't look vulgar and cheesy.

        1 year ago
    • Oh yes 😍

        1 year ago
    • The messier the burger, the more delicious it is. That’s just science!

        11 months ago