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The Problem with Facebook Cookery Videos

Dumb, dangerous, and downright disgusting. We take a quick look at these clickbait cookery conjourings.

1y ago

We all know the videos I’m on about. The bouncy uplifting music, the delicate hands adding ingredients to a perfect mixing bowl and fun little animations of the instructions. The recipes are often a little far fetched but you watch them and think, “ah, I could do that, it’s just pouring eggy strips of hotdog into a waffle maker!” (An actual recipe I’ve seen). The recipes are designed to be easy to follow and generally family friendly. But when you take a step back from it some of these are a bit dangerous, and for the sake of ease we’ll expand this to kitchen hacks too.

One of the biggest offenders for this is Tasty, and a recent BBC investigation into these unsafe practices, aided along by the trials put on by Ann Reardon.

So the question is, would you, or have you tried any of these kitchen hacks, and questionable recipes? Did they work or did you end up scalding yourself with molten candy?

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Comments (2)

  • I've literally never had a recipe ever turn out the way it does in the videos except for one, a chicken crust pizza. Even then, I had to mod it a bit

      1 year ago
  • My wife takes a ton of recipes from FB and usually they turn out great. I am assuming she uses her own head on how to modify them.

      1 year ago