The scrambled eggs conundrum: how to make scrambled eggs my way

Cafés, pubs, hotels, diners, your own kitchen, you name it... All these places make, or at some point have made, scrambled eggs – but how, exactly?

39w ago

It's a staple in some or most of your households: scrambled eggs with whatever you like, whether it's toast, fresh crusty bread, bacon, baked beans or avocado. Can't beat it! But ask anyone how they make it and you'll be surprised how they all have differing ways.

There was a semi-heated debate at the office some weeks ago on how to properly make scrambled eggs, off the back of a passing comment I had made. It was all, "no, this is the best way to make it and you are completely wrong" – and frankly, I was astounded at how many different ways to make scrambled eggs there are. Here are some examples: with creme fraîche, cream cheese, double cream, no milk, cheese (?!)... The list goes on.

Here are the highlights...

Creme Fraîche – if you want a richer and slightly gourmet twist to you eggs in the morning.

Extra egg yolk – No milk or cream, but instead, add an extra egg yolk in addition to how ever many eggs you are using. This makes the 'eggiest' of scrambled eggs, but tastes excellent!

Here's my recipe:

My personal favourite? I like my scrambled eggs to be nice and creamy – a tad buttery, with a bit of pepper – so I add bit of milk.

How do you like your eggs?

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Comments (11)

  • Yup sounds good add extra cheese for me please

      9 months ago
  • Thats pretty close to how I make mine other than instead of milk I use heavy cream but I'm going to have to try the extra yolk. had a post that added yogurt.

      9 months ago
    • Me too, I tried heavy cream the other day and quite liked the result. I shall check out Rachael's post, that sounds interesting! :)

        9 months ago
  • That's very good advice

      9 months ago
  • Pretty similar to what my mum does. Except cream instead of milk. (I personally don’t add cream/milk - thought it might be healthier) She also adds grated Parmesan cheese after the egg mixture goes into the pan.

      9 months ago
  • Yours sound really nice. I put lemon pepper in my scrambled eggs, gives them an extra little something. I let them sit on the skillet on low/medium heat until they begin to stick to the sides, then I move them a bit, but not continuous.

      9 months ago