The Short, Strange Saga of Pig Minds Brewing

The soft, squishy babies of Wokeness managed to sh*t on one of their very own

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Disclosure: I am acquainted with the owners of Pig Minds Brewing.

As an online food blog contributor, I am asked about my social media presence. I don't have one. I was quite early on Facebook, until I successfully had my account fully deleted due to repeated death threats from 'Murrican Gun Junkies after Sandy Hook. I spent years on Twitter until I could not longer handle the hypocrisy and carelessness of, well, nearly everyone else on it.

Case in point:

Here is the Pig Minds Brewing company of Machesney Park, IL:

Note: this was purpose built with the cool divider door between the patio and the dining room proper

Note: this was purpose built with the cool divider door between the patio and the dining room proper

Pig Minds is a small, family owned brewpub, seemingly not much different from a thousand other establishments throughout America. Ah, but there are two major differences between them and, say, something Kid Rock or Wil Wheaton owns.

The Controversy

The first would be the infamous "PD California Style Ale" Twitterverse Meltdown of 2014:

Altered to conceal the controversial portions of this here beer label

Altered to conceal the controversial portions of this here beer label

Some easily offended soul noticed that Pig Minds offered something called PD California Style Ale, an unfiltered blueberry brewed 6 percent bottle bomb. (It wasn't good, btw). A cursory glance at the label would show the panties of the illustrated female figure riding at ankle level.

It was logical to use context and deduce that the PD stood for 'Panty Dropper'. And it is quite sexist.

It was somewhat less logical, but honestly understandable, that your typical amateur sleuth would see that this sexist label was put out by a concern called "Pig Minds" and deduce that this was either a bunch of undermatured frat boys or a bunch of rebel flag waving fatassed pig roasters who had committed this sin.

I have a problem with what happened next. First, all sorts of Woke Twitter outposts such as Guys Drinking Beer lost their pants about the humanity of it all. Then, no less of a so-called manly institution as Esquire, essentially a lad-rag with higher-end advertisers, put Pig Minds on blast in one of their knee-jerk listicles that even an extreme part-timer such as myself would have done a better job with.

Because, I would have done a small modicum of research before I started firing with both barrels. It was extremely obvious nobody, especially not the mope at Esquire, did any:

The Misunderstanding

About as crunchy granola liberal as they come

About as crunchy granola liberal as they come

Pig Minds Brewery is a 100% plant based cuisine establishment. It is based outside the entrance of the largest state park in Northern Illinois. Vegan hikers, bikers and the like were not served by any of the typical fare served anywhere in the Rockford, IL area so our husband and wife heroes started their own. Tremendous care is paid every day to ensure that everything they serve, food and beer, is 100% plant based as well as delicious.

Now, you might think that there's a dichotomy at play here; that people who are very concerned about both health and the environment would be brutal sexists. Folks, here's the truth: they are not sexist. They walk the walk. It was the wife (his, not mine) who named the PD ale, as well as the "Southy Bitch Slap" and their recent "Vanilla Bitch Slap". And according to the terms of every Feminist I am aware of who decries 'slut shaming', etc, isn't she displaying Feminism, not sexism here?

Buffalo "chick'n" wings at Pig Minds

Buffalo "chick'n" wings at Pig Minds

The 25 year old me would have egged her on. The sadly wiser me would have cautioned her against selling a product with a provocative label such as that one. They had no idea Twitter would not only be as sensitive, but as I tend to characterize Woke Twitter, 'counter-sensitive' as it turned out to be. The good news is that they stopped with the PD Ale, they're still quite successful as the preeminent vegan restaurant in the area, and nobody's talked about the Controversy for years. Until today.

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  • Really good Gonzo journalism as always , Rob, told from the perspective of 1st person narrative.

    America always has good stories about real people.

    This is someones livelihood, and it's as American as Apple pie.

    You'd think people would just be grateful that such an example of freedom actually exists.

    Or as mum used to say when I asked her what was for dinner :

    "food if you're lucky "

    If someone has put time and effort into running what, by all accounts is a decent eating place, perhaps the right thing to say is :

    "may I place an order please ? "

    Thanks for posting, always good reading.

      1 year ago
  • Yep. Show me the button that electrocutes everyone commenting on Twitter right now, and I won't press it so much as sit on it.

      1 year ago