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The Sid Valley Hotel

The Sid Valley is a real hidden gem - especially the restaurant!

12w ago

Me and my mum went away for a few days to avoid the noise and mess of our new drive being built at home - Dad 'volunteered' to stay and keep an eye on things.

Sadly, the B&B we booked turned out to be next to a really busy road. And last week the UK had a heatwave and so we couldn't sleep with the windows open. Waaah!

Anyway, Dad did some web research and found an hotel near to where we had stayed and got us in.

Wow!! What a find.

When I arrived at the Sid Valley hotel in Devon, it looked amazing! The staff asked us to order dinner then, so I chose feta salad followed by chicken wrapped in bacon. I had heard it has a pool and everything! I was excited to swim so that is what I did first. The pool was really amazing! I decided to try out a drink and went to the bar and ordered an orange lemonade - it was perfect for a hot HOT day. I had been sitting in the sun and I hadn't realised it was nearly 6 PM! Time to get a shower and eat. I sat down at the table and the waiter brought some bread. It tasted great!

Then there was an amuse bouche - pea, mint and spinach soup. It was very flavoursome and had some beans in the bottom which was a pleasant surprise! Then the starter arrived. Mine came in a bowl that looked like a fortune cookie in half. The feta I had was creamy and there was plenty of crunchy salad! And olives in there too. Treasure! The Main course was perfection! The bacon was nice and lean, not too fatty and the chicken was moist! Pudding was tiramisu, which was creamy and coffee-ey?

The next day for dinner was the feta salad again, but main course was different. I had wild sea bass which was meaty and flakey at the same time. It was served with asparagus, potatoes, carrots and broccoli. For dessert I had the tiramisu again - it was very good!!

The next night, the meal was slightly different. It was asparagus with hollandaise sauce for amuse bouche, but the feta salad for starter again. (I couldn't help it, it is SO. GOOD.) I had lemon sole (see picture) for main. It was light and... lemony. Tiramisu strikes again! It gets better every time I eat it!

Overall I would strongly recommend the Sid Valley hotel. Would you go there? Also, thanks for reading! I'll be here next weekend as well! Bye for now!

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Comments (3)

  • Sounds like some amazing food! Nice write!

      2 months ago
  • That's one good review Theo! I looked up the hotel on Google Maps, looks amazing! Actually, a good friend of mine lives close to Lyme Regis, so not that far away from Sid Valley.

      2 months ago
  • It sounds like a very nice place glad you enjoyed it

      2 months ago