The simple way to roast a whole chicken

There is nothing more delicious than a whole roast chicken done properly. It's so straightforward to do, even if you are new to cooking.

Carole Mason posted in BBQ
1y ago

I always love the sight and smell of a whole roast chicken. It is somehow quite nostalgic for me.

I cook chicken in a million spicy ways and never tire of it but yesterday I was just not in the mood to spend all night cooking so as it was Sunday I decided to roast it and to be perfectly honest I really didn't put in much effort at all.

Despite this my husband was thrilled and it made me think you might want to know how to do this too!

How to cook your chicken

OK so all you need to do is pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees. Place the bird in an oven tray - you can see mine is well used and loved - throw in a peeled onion - rub with olive oil - stuff with half a lemon and some dried thyme - dot with butter and sling it in the oven.

Cook for an hour turning it from side to side every twenty minutes then check the temperature.

Insert a thermometer in the thigh - the juices should run clear not pink and the temperature should be 75-80 degrees. If it is not ready put it back in the oven and keep checking until it is done.

It is important that you let the chicken rest for ten minutes before you carve it.

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