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The Tefal Infiny Mix+ high speed blender is high tech but really easy to use

I was initially intimidated by this high spec piece of kitchen ware, but soon realised it was super easy to use

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I'll be honest. I am notoriously rubbish (and very impatient) with high tech equipment. Sure, I love the idea of it, even want a lot of it, but when it comes around to actually using it, I tend to give up after the first hurdle. It's not my most redeeming quality.

However, when I was given the opportunity to road test Tefal's Infiny Mix+ high speed blender, I jumped at it. With a 1600W motor and high quality Powelix Life Blade Technology (which apparently gives you up to 40x smoother results and up to 30% faster blending – speedy) , plus a 2L jug and a 600ml on-the-go attachment, it was everything I could have ever wanted in a blender. Not to mention the touch screen smart assistant and the fact that it looks, well, very swanky in its gunmetal grey and glossy black finish.

Everyone knows Tefal for its great kitchenware across the board. From non-stick frying pans to pressure cookers, flasks to air fryers, Tefal has been a household favourite since the early 50s, showing off its famous red logo for almost 70 years.

I myself have an old Tefal frying pan that was passed down to me – honestly, I don't remember who from - when I went to University, and it has been my go-to ever since. If this old frying pan was the kitchen love of my life, how was I going to cope when this state of the art blender showed up on my door step?

Let's have a look then!

The Tefal Infiny Mix+ has an air of sleek sophistication to it, in looks and in use, but we'll get to that later. For now, let's be shallow and focus on its prettiness.

The gunmetal silver stand, with a high finish gloss black touch screen assistant that clearly and neatly explains each function with text and a little icon is kind of the star of the show. It's pretty weighty, but compact which makes it easy to manoeuvre.

The cable is a reasonable length so you don't need to worry about socket accessibility, but it would be wise to use it within a short distance of a worktop plug to be safe. It's also worth mentioning that you would need to keep it away from low hanging cupboards and shelves. It's a tall and mighty piece of equipment, and needs its space.

One of my favourite design elements is that you don't need to twist-lock the jug in place, it locks in with a key from the stand. No awkward fumbling, and as soon as the base detects the jug, it will light up the assistant panel so you know it's safe to use. Pretty genius, right?

Before I took it out of its wrapping, I thought the 2L jug was made of glass as it had that strong and shiny look to it. It's in fact made of unbreakable plastic Tritan, is super light weight, feels great, and evidently looks the part. The on-the-go 600ml jug is no exception: it's smart and neat, and both have lovely looking gold blades to give it that extra level of sophistication.

The Tefal Infiny Mix+ also comes with a plastic mixer, to help push down mixtures mid-blend without damaging the blade, and a brush to help you clean it. Spoiler alert... the mixer actually cleans itself. But more of that later.

How does it work?

Initially, the smart touch screen assistant intimidated me. I was used to the typical 'pulse' or 'blend' buttons with a speed dial. Honestly, this was easier, and I felt like I had so much more control over this blender than others I have used.

The screen gives you five different speeds, with the option to time how long you would like the blender to run, and the standard pulse option. This is great for things like guacamole, when you want a consistent blend, but not a completely smooth one.

Other than this, you have a smoothie, ice crush, sorbet and dessert option, all of which have their own specific speed and blend programme that will allow you to get the best consistency for what you have in mind.

A pointer I must share, is that you absolutely have to follow the maximum quantity level. With previous blenders, I have been rather candid with my quantities, and this hasn't mattered so much. But, with the Tefal Infiny Mix+, it's far too powerful to not follow the rules.

It took some getting used to, as each programme inevitably starts with a high powered speed as the blender gets warmed up, but it does settle very quickly and despite the power of the equipment, I felt completely in control.

Also, if you feel that you've picked a blend too powerful, the stop button is almost like an emergency halt on a running machine. It takes next to no time to power down, and you can also adjust speed and time as the blender is in full swing.

The pusher is really useful for me, as someone who used to shove metal spoons in blenders like I had an actual death wish. It's made of tough plastic, and fits perfectly down the removable middle of the lid so you can use it mid blend, without any mess.

This wonderful piece of equipment also cleans itself. Ever forgotten to soak your blender after using it and struggled to clean those awkward little bits by the blade? Not an issue here, simple put in a bit of warm water and washing up liquid, press 'clean' and it does the hard work for you.

What have I made with it?

I wanted to try out every possible aspect of the Tefal Infiny Mix+, and had far too much fun playing with it. Who thought a blender could bring so much joy?

The first thing I made was my favourite 'PB' and jelly smoothie. I often have this topped with some granola for a light lunch or a snack, and honestly, this was the smoothest of smooth smoothies I have ever made. Say smooth again.

PB and jelly smoothie

Using the on-the-go 600ml jug, I simply chucked all my ingredients in, fastened the top on and clicked the smoothie option on the smart assistant. The programme went through different settings to make sure the blades combined everything, from a fast blend, to a pulse, to a slow blend to bring it all together. Honestly, that was it. So smooth, so easy, and just one of my favourite recipes made better.

The creamiest ever hummus

I have spent so many years infuriated that I couldn't make hummus as silky and smooth as the one I often have from my local Middle Eastern restaurant. I blamed this largely on not having a powerful enough blender, which is true in some part, but I also needed to perfect my recipe.

I can confirm, that with the help of my Infiny Mix+ and its well crafted blades, I have FINALLY created the perfect hummus recipe, and honestly, the secret ingredient will surprise you – but don't knock it till you've tried it!

I used the speed selection for this recipe, opting for level 3, and timed it for 2 minutes. I gave it a quick pulse at the end to shimmy things around, and it worked a treat.

Roasted tomato and red pepper soup

Soup! Of course I made soup, it was a no brainer. I really wanted to get those summer flavours popping, so I made a roasted tomato and red pepper number, and it was delicious. Again I just used the speed dial for this one, level 3 for 2 minutes, and it worked an absolute dream.

I often hand mix my cake batters, just because I find it fun and I always worry that a blender or stand mixer will stir the air out of the batter, leaving me with a very sad stodgy cake. So I faced my fear, and used the dessert option to make my favourite salted brownie recipe.

To my delight, the setting was very gentle, incorporating all the ingredients but not so much that it pumps the air out. My brownies were indulgent but still light, and I will 100% be taking full advantage of the dessert setting going forward.

The easiest ever Chimichurri

Chimichurri is something I always wanted to make, but never got around to it. It's so quick and easy, and is a great marinade or sauce for meat, fish or any choice of protein, and the Infiny Mix+ blended it perfectly. I only needed to pulse it all a few times and it was done! I used the on-the-go jug again here because I was only making a small quantity.

The pulse setting gave the chimichurri a consistent but chunky texture, as I wanted it to still contain its structure, and it's like the blender read my mind. I used my chimichurri for cod tacos, and it was SO delicious.

I found the sorbet option worked quite similarly to the smoothie one. I used it to make a quick banana 'nice' cream, using frozen banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder and a dash of oat milk. It was really light, almost like it had been whipped, but I'm not sure whether the smoothie option may have done the same job.

What's the verdict?

Honestly, it's great. The Tefal Infiny Mix+ is smart and sleek in looks and in its manufacturing. Most importantly, it is so easy to use. You won't find yourself trawling through instructions just to figure out how to turn the thing on, it's simple.

The Tefal Infiny Mix+ is just shy of £200, so it's an investment, but it's a worthwhile one because the blender itself is so versatile. It is heavy, so probably not one you'd want to store on a high shelf or cupboard.

That's really the only issue I can think of. I honestly love this blender, and have found myself trying to find things I can cook that will allow me to use it. Fortunately, there's so much! It's high spec, but it's also an easy to use piece of everyday equipment that will bring a cooking lover a lot of joy. It certainly does for me!

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