- Brewdog's new 'Wings' by Temple of Seitan

The Temple of Seitan Awaits...

Another bold move by Brewdog to introduce new Vegan wings from Temple of Seitan.

1y ago

Many people when they think of Brewdog, think of craft beer, not food, but, the fact is, the food they create within their bars are some of the best junk food you can buy in a pub and "one of the best places to be vegan" - as plenty Vegan options and more on the way with the Temple of Seitan 'wings' and Temple of Seitan burgers. The chain used to only sell Cauliflower Wings as a vegan option on it's menu, which were fantastic, suggesting that this is a step within the right direction, for the vegan market, climbing to be $26B by 2026, it is time to strike again.

To launch these wings, across bars, the first 5 people to order, will get them for free to taste and share on social media, but, what is better than that? FoodTribing my experience of the wings too!

The dish was neatly presented on the classic Brewdog tray with a Vegan Mayo dip on the side. The fillets had a nice texture and was very tender to the taste. They were as spicy as I remember the cauliflower wings to be, but, tasted a whole lot better! It may seem as if you are getting less as it is served with less 'wings', but, it was because they were much bigger than the cauli. Overall a 10/10. I will have to come back to try the 2 new(ish) burgers at some-point.

Do give the new menu at Brewdog a try, you will NOT be disappointed.

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