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The top 5 picks for Sweet Treats Tribe for July

Some fruity delights for July!

7w ago

Sugar, spice and fruity delights! Another month has come and gone. I can hardly believe it. July had some wonderful treats for us and I am going to share with you the top 5 picks.

#5 Aurelie Saboureau: Healthy cookies

Aurelie baked us up some golden oat cookies. Filled with oats, banana and chocolate. This is something I could really enjoy.

#4 Margaret Jackson: Candied Buddha's hand

Margaret sliced up and candied this exotic looking fruit. I hope someday to run across one so I can try this as well.

#3 Maria MakiTop: Cherry muffins

Maria made these delightful muffins that I'm sure I could eat a few of. The cherries even came from her own garden. Nice job Maria.

#2 Salvador Lopez: La Vina style cheesecake

Salvador celebrated his 39th birthday with this cheesecake his father made him. Looks very luscious! Happy Birthday Salvador!

#1 Darren Parsons: Strawberry and peach no-bake cheesecake

Strawberries and peaches go so well together and then to put it on a cheesecake! It makes for a very pretty presentation as well. Absolutely yum! I wouldn't mind a slice of this right now.

I hope you all enjoyed the top 5 picks for July and I will see you next month..

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