The top 5 picks of August from the Sweet Treats tribe

It's that time again!

2w ago

There were not too many postings for August in Sweet Treats, but they all look very tasty indeed. Let's get down to it and see what I have for you.

#5 Jenn Wright: Apple nachos

Jenn needed something sweet and she came up with apple nachos. What a great idea! Apple slices drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter.

#4 Helena Lennon: Churro cheesecake

Nothing like the idea of churros and a cheesecake getting together to make this oh so sweet treat. Just like Helena, I think I would have to eat it for breakfast with my morning coffee.

Voodie Vie: Chocolate peanut butter torte

Suzie gives us a recipe with all these amazing layers of flavor. Chocolate, peanut butter, biscuit crust and more!

#2 Maria MakiTop: Raspberry muffins

Maria makes us some raspberry muffins with raspberries from her own garden. I can almost smell and taste them. I could definitely eat a couple of those!

#1 Elaine S: Birthday cake

Elaine shows us her stages of making a birthday cake for her Sister-in-laws 50th birthday. Happy birthday to her because Elaine knocked this one out of the park. This cake is amazing! I would be overjoyed at someone making me something this awesome.

I hope you all enjoyed this month's top 5, see you soon...

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