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The top 5 posts for Sweet Treats Tribe in June

Summertime sweet treats are here and ready for the heat!

12w ago

Another month has come and gone. June comes with a couple of treats that are perfect for the heat of summer. I hope you are ready because here is the top 5 sweet treats posts for June.

#5 Angel L: Pears in Limoncello

Simple, basic and perfect for that summer heat. Pears in Limoncello. It is actually as simple as it sounds. Ripe pears with Limoncello poured on.

#4 Max Ruse: Edible cookie dough

Max barely got us a picture of his edible cookie dough, but he did. Another sweet that would be perfect for that summer heat. Very nice Max!

#3 Darren Parsons: Fruity watermelon Jelly

Darren puts it properly as Operation Summertime because that is exactly right. Fresh fruit, cold, refreshing, that is a hard to beat combination for the summer.

#2 Joe Freiha: Cherry pie

Joe is pretty new to FoodTribe and when I saw this pie posted I was like 'Heck Yeah'! Now if I can just talking him into bringing me a piece so I don't have to make my own...

#1 Maria MakiTop: Homemade Donuts

I'm not a big fan of donuts but these beauties I can definitely get behind. I would eat them as is with their golden exterior that looks like it has a slight crunch and that sprinkling of sugar. A dozen to go please!

I hope you all enjoyed June's top 5. I'll see you again next month...

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