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The top 5(ish) picks for baking tribe in July

I just couldn't make it only 5 this time.

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
7w ago

FoodTribe has been having its baking going on for July and I just couldn't fit it down to 5 posts. I almost made it but not quite. So I hope you are ready to see what goodness I have found!

#6 Jeannine L: Spanakopita

In an effort to reduce the household sodium intake, Jeannine brings us a lower sodium spanakopita. This sounds absolutely amazing and something I definitely would like to try.

#5 Voodie Vie: Rhubarb and custard blondies

Voodie Vie knocks it out of the park with these amazing looking blondies. Just looking at that custard drip makes me want to lick my screen.

#4 Aurelie Saboureau: Birthday pie

This is Aurelie's 32nd Birthday pie. It is topped with apricots and plums, oh yum (did I mention plums?). It is very pretty indeed! Happy late birthday Aurelie!

#3 Remon Kok: Dutch Waffel loaves

We have seen Remon make these a few different times and he even has the recipe posted on FoodTribe. A cake like loaf that has hunks of Dutch syrup waffels. All I need is some coffee to go with it!

#2 Evelyn Stadler: Plum crumble

Plum desserts make me plum crazy! I absolutely love plum jams and desserts. Evelyn you had me at plum.

#1 Zahra Shafiei: Basbousa

Basbousa also meaning little kisses in Arabic, is a delicious semolina dessert topped with nuts and drizzled with rose water syrup. Something that sounds this lovely I feel I definitely need to try, how about you?

I hope you enjoyed the top picks for July and I will see you next month...

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