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" The track " 1940s Los Angeles conveyor system drive in restaurant.

Each of 20 tracks , arranged radially around the kitchen, send a box containing a glass of water, pencil and notebook out to each car.

Customers write their order, have a glass of water , and the box is sent back into the kitchen, with the order and the payment.

The food is prepared, and sent out on the rail to the customers car, with the change.

model train enthusiasts around the world now have a possible new business model.

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  • Although the Motormat never quite took off—it's tough when you're replacing girls in rollerskates with slow robots—the novelty was enough to garner some hype. Purdy told The Milwaukee Journal that The Track sold three days worth of food to 3,000 customers on its opening day, and fed almost 40,000 mouths in its first two weeks.

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