The Try Guys Baking Without A Recipe is Back

A fan favorite has returned for another series

Kyra Sage posted in Baking
1y ago

Popular YouTubers The Try Guys have brought back the popular show Baking Without A Recipe for another series.

Baking Without A Recipe is exactly what it sounds like. The four of them are given something to bake, pie, cake, cookies, etc, and they have to do so with no recipe at all. Baking is science and they have to guess every measurement.

There are three judges, who at the end of each episode do have to taste what the Try Guys have made and then a winner is awarded. It typically goes as well as you would think but it's not all bad.

This is one of my personal favorites of the Try Guys because it's always funny, super competitive and sometimes stressful, at least for me to watch them just dump things in a bowl.

You can watch the most recent episode here

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