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The ultimate crisp sandwich has been revealed

But the most important question... Will James May agree?

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As you'll no doubt have realised by now, there is a general consensus at FoodTribe that the crisp sandwich is king. There are all sorts of different crisp sandwich combinations out there and everyone has their own personal taste, so as you'd expect there will occasionally be healthy debates about what the ultimate crisp sandwich is. There's been so much debate, in fact, that an actual study's been done about it by Walkers!

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

God tier crisp sandwich combo

According to the results of the study, which polled 2,000 adults in the UK about the subject of crisp sandwiches, the 'god tier' sandwich combination was found to be a cheese and ready salted crisp filling between two slices of white bread. This combination was favoured by 31% of the adults polled, with cheese and cheese & onion and ham with ready salted coming in close behind at 29% and 27% respectively.

There are also some more unusual flavour combinations near the top, such as cheese with pickled onion crisps which was favoured by 19% of the polled adults.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

When it comes to the debate of whether you should "crisp in" or "crisp out", 27% of those polled preferred to eat their crisps between the bread, while 34% preferred to have them off to the side of the plate.

One of those who likes to "crisp out" is none other than Gordon Ramsay. "It’s not even a discussion," he said on the subject, "first of all, you can’t taste the flavour of the crisps because it’s sandwiched between two layers of bread and secondly, the bread makes your crisps soggy."

What's Gordon Ramsay's favourite sandwich and crisps combination? Apparently, it's a tuna sweetcorn sandwich with salt & vinegar crisps on the side. Considering Ramsay's love of simple, honest food, that's probably unsurprising.

Does shape and size matter?

The study also found out that Brits are pretty fussy when it comes to how we like our crisp sandwiches, with 39% insisting on having sliced white bread whilst 47% were adamant that their crisp sandwiches had to be cut into rectangles. We can also be quite fussy about what kind of crisps we put in our sandwiches, with classic potato crisps being the most popular choice at 59%. Crinkle cut and lower-fat alternatives such as baked crisps did manage to worm their way into the great British public's preferences though at 14% and 8% respectively.

How many?!

Interestingly, the study also found out that we typically eat 35 crisp sandwiches every year. That amounts to 2 billion crisp sandwiches annually across the entire country! It's safe to say then that us Brits really do love our crisp sandwiches.

The one question we have to ask after all this though is this one; what does James May think of all this? Does he agree with the opinions of the great British public? I guess there might be only one way to find out...

What's your favourite crisp sandwich combination?

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  • Plain on a bologna and cheese sandwich

      1 month ago
  • A crisp sandwich ;

    It’s a crisp between 2 crisps .

      1 month ago