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The ultimate water feature? A Jack Daniels fountain of course!

Who needs a urinating cherub when you could have a cascade of sour mash whiskey in your garden?

47w ago

Necessity is the mother of invention. Although here, I'm not sure what the necessity was? But I am glad it exists. Concocted by Dave Tonks, 53 of Gloucester and his wife Lisa; "It was a nice day and I was pretty drunk and just knocked it all together."

That's got me hankering for a cold glass of JD and coke!

That's got me hankering for a cold glass of JD and coke!

"I would love to try it with real JD and Coke, but it would cost a fortune."

Dave Tonks

Dave, our legendary protagonist here, had been saving all the bottles to put candles in them, but then his partner Lisa came up with the brilliant idea that they could instead fab up a fountain. In conversation with LADbible, pest control technician Dave had this to say; "I made it with bits and pieces laying around the garden and used the pump from an old fountain.

Can you just pop a glass under the stream and fill up on JD for the full boujie effect? Sadly not, it's just water dyed with coffee and I suspect that filling up a fountain with sour mash would cost a pretty penny. Still, some pretty legendary stuff for drunken DIY.

Check out the video to see what it looks like at night, boosted with some LED lights.

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