The US has a crazy number of national food & drink days...

    National Clam on the Half Shell Day anyone? Chocolate Covered Raisin Day?

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    While we were busy celebrating #NationalCroissantDay yesterday, and getting excited about #WorldNutellaDay on 5 February, Shrove Tuesday on 25 February, and a couple of other days here and there throughout the month, I came across North America's list of national food days.

    I mean, you guys go all out. There's a day for EVERYTHING.

    Now, some of these I can definitely get behind. National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. That's a yes from me. It's even better/more acceptable that it's on a Saturday, as I'm not sure how impressed the FoodTribe office would be if I cracked open a tub of ice cream for myself at 9am...

    Also, pizza pie day? Fine.

    But National Tartar Sauce Day? Clam on the Half Shell? Chocolate Covered Raisin day? It's just all too much. Isn't it?

    All this is just for February...

    Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - February 1

    National Baked Alaska Day - February 1

    Heavenly Hash Day - February 2

    National Carrot Cake Day - February 3

    National Carrot Day - February 3

    Homemade Soup Day - February 4

    National Stuffed Mushroom Day - February 4

    National Chocolate Fondue Day - February 5

    World Nutella Day - February 5

    National Chopsticks Day - February 6

    Bubble Gum Day - February 7, 2020

    National Fettuccine Alfredo Day - February 7

    Molasses Bar Day - February 8

    National Bagels and Lox Day - February 9

    Pizza Pie Day - February 9

    Cream Cheese Brownie Day - February 10

    Oatmeal Monday - February 10, 2020

    Peppermint Patty Day - February 11

    National Plum Pudding Day - February 12

    National Tortellini Day - February 13

    National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day - February 14

    National Gumdrop Day - February 15

    National Almond Day - February 16

    National Indian Pudding Day - February 17

    National Chocolate Mint Day - February 19

    National Cherry Pie Day - February 20

    National Sticky Bun Day - February 21

    National Banana Bread Day - February 23

    National Cupcake Day (in Canada) - February 24, 2020

    National Tortilla Chip Day - February 24

    National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day - February 25

    National Clam Chowder Day - February 25

    National Pancake Day - February 25, 2020

    National Personal Chef's Day - February 26

    National Pistachio Day - February 26

    National Chili Day - February 27, 2020

    National Strawberry Day - February 27

    National Chocolate Souffle Day - February 28

    National Tartar Sauce Day - February 28, 2020

    Surf and Turf Day - February 29

    There might even be more that I've missed...

    Is it too much? Will you be celebrating any/some/all of these days in February?

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    • the podunk (7,000) city I live in has a National Sweet Corn Festival

        9 months ago
    • One more, if you please 😃

        9 months ago
    • 🤣 if I didn't live in the US, I'd think you were making all of these up!

        9 months ago
      • Hahaha I look forward to celebrating national clam on the half shell day in March : D.

          9 months ago
    • Oh my god all that is making my mouth water.i can get behind all of that.

        9 months ago