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The weather is getting chilly, some soups and stews to keep you delightful

Some FoodTriber recipes to keep you warm

7w ago

For a lot of us out there the weather is turning for the worst and it is time to break out them soups and stews. I am working my way through some of the tribes gathering recipes from way back when til now. I hope you find something new to try out or remind you that you haven't had it in a while.

Sarah DriveTribe: Vegan Irish stew

Sarah is making a mean looking stew that you might not even realize that there is no meat in it.

Filipa Santos: Caldo verde soup

A tasty look into a taste of Filipa's childhood. I'm sure a lot of us has memories like this just with a different flavor.

Voodie Vie: "Creamy" tomato soup

Tomato soup is one of my favorite go-to cold weather foods, especially with a grilled cheese.

Peter Lyu: Chinese-styled chicken soup

This looks like it would be the best thing to fight off that pesky cold with.

Jeannine L: Vegan Chili

I can personally say this is pretty tasty. I did not follow the recipe to the exact but I used the ingredients listed.

Emilia Moonlight: Pumpkin cream soup

A delightful sounding soup that Emilia made picture perfect as well

Aliya Zanfer: Thai green momo soup

A very interesting sounding soup packed with flavors that I love.

Jane Fyffe: Egg drop soup

Of course I have one to add in too. This is my restaurant style egg drop soup.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe round-up and I will see you on the next one...

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