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The weirdest items left in Ubers include eggs and curry powder

Uber's annual Lost & Found index reveals the weirdest stuff people have left behind...

1y ago

Ride-hailing company Uber releases an annual Lost & Found Index.

The report, compiled by Nicole Siefert, head of lost & found at Uber details all the really weird stuff people have left in their taxis.

Much like this yes....

Much like this yes....

As you can probably imagine, the most popular items left behind are phones, wallets and keys (in that order).

However, the report also lists the top 50 weirdest items recorded over the past year, and there are a few food items that made the list.

Uber's Lost & Found foodie news:

#7. An apron with the name tag “Kayla” from Krispy Kreme. (I reckon Kayla has a spare apron)

#13. Meat (no more information)

#20. A coconut purse. Literally a black & white plaid coconut with a zipper and a string, ugly as possible. My ID and all my keys are in the coconut purse. (cool)

#25. Sriracha themed high socks. (I need to get me a pair)

#34. Hard boiled egg and I don't want it back (send it my way)

#41. A bag with Uggs and some curry powder (that's your dinner ruined)

#44. Food processor (that's really annoying)

#49. A bag of onions & a cup of yogurt (winning combination)

Some of the other non-foodie items that need a mention:

#1. Mice for my pet snake to eat (I mean, this is still kinda food-related)

#10. Lanyard that says “virginity rocks”

#11. A boulder

#27. Diamond cufflinks

#31. A black leather choker with a silk chiffon piece

#40. My pants and my sword

#46. Steam mop and a box of garbage

This got me curious, and I have to ask 👇🏼...

Have you ever lost a food item in an Uber? If yes, please tell us the story.

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