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The World Cheese Awards were back for 2021 – a Spanish cheese won top prize

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Have you ever wondered what the world's best cheese is? Well, now you don't have to according to the new winner at the 33rd World Cheese Awards held as part of this week's ongoing International Cheese Festival taking place in Oviedo, Spain.

This is no minor affair either as there were 4,079 entries from 45 countries, but only one could be the winner. That was an Olavidia, a soft goat's cheese from the Spanish producer Quesos y Besos (Cheeses and Kisses).

Silvia Pelaez, head cheesemaker of the six-employee company, said: "We are a small humble cheesemaker in Jaen.

"We've been making cheese for less than five years, so we never imagined we could win the world's biggest prize in cheese so soon.

"Everything we do is inspired by our love for our family, including the name of the business itself, Quesos y Besos, so this is such a special moment for us. We've made it our mission to encapsulate the essence of our family in all of our cheeses, so to have such recognition from the World Cheese Awards judges is an incredible achievement and truly overwhelming."

The winning cheese, Olavidia

The winning cheese, Olavidia

This year's winner stole the crown from Rogue River Blue – the first American cheese to claim the title when the awards were last held in Bergamo, Italy in 2019.

The World Cheese Awards was started over three decades ago by the Guild of Fine Foods as a way for small artisan cheesemakers to show off their produce to the rest of the world.

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Comments (13)

  • Good for them!

    To pick a favorite cheese is like picking your favorite child.

      2 months ago
  • What's your favourite cheese? @tribe

      2 months ago
  • The only Spanish cheese I know from several vacations in Spain is Manchego, which is excellent but unfortunately not easy to come by in my country. Living very close to the Dutch border I eat a lot of Dutch cheeses, which are all very good, like Gouda, Edam, Tilsit, Leerdam and more. But there are also Swiss cheeses that I love like Raclette, Emmental, Gruyere, Appenzell. Not to mention French cheeses of all varieties (and fragrances 😊). No easy choice here, I love them all!

      2 months ago
    • Oops, I just learned that Tilsit is actually German... Shame on me for not knowing that but I love it all the same! 😊 And recently I also managed to buy Italian Scamorza in my local supermarket. Again, an excellent cheese!

        2 months ago
  • I love every kind of cheese there is, so my favorite would have to be every cheese made!! 🧀🧀🧀🧀😋

      2 months ago
  • I’m a situational guy, so with that said, a good cheese board with a sharp blue with honey and sesame bread is my favorite. But smoked Gouda as an everyday cheese is my favorite

      2 months ago