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    The world's most expensive wedding cake costs more than a house

    Only in Dubai...

    Ben Welham posted in Baking

    1y ago


    There's the £1,500 pizza in New York, the £19,000 taco in Mexico, the £1,500 Cronut in London, but how about a $1m wedding cake?

    This is the work of Debbie Wingham, who set out to make this incredibly elaborate and eery wedding cake.


    The cake was created for a recent wedding exhibition in Dubai and it drew quite a crowd. It's a solid 120kg worth of eggs and flour and stands at over 180cm tall.

    An astonishing 1,000 eggs went in to this, as well as 20kg of chocolate.

    In addition to this, there's 50kg worth of edible lacing for the dress. Yes, the entire thing is edible.

    The flowers on the dress are handmade: all 5,000 of them, which took 10 days to add to the dress.

    All that work together, costs $1m.

    Think how many Colin the Caterpillars you could buy for that...!

    Would you pay $1m for a wedding cake?

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    Comments (11)

    • No. I would not even get married if someone paid me $1M. Would consider it for $2M.

        1 year ago
    • That's so crazy

        1 year ago
    • Looks a bit like Lady Gaga! Lol

        1 year ago
    • Even after that it will still probably end in divorce 😂. You can’t have your cake and it!

        1 year ago