There's a 25kg Pig in Blanket heading to London

There might be a pigs in blankets shortage expected this Christmas... but not in London

1y ago

E​veryone loves pigs in blanket at Christmas. How about being one of 300 people to try a 25kg one?

Y​es, that's right, a pig in blanket measuring more than two metres long and wrapped in more than 10 metres of bacon, will be showcased at the opening night of the Taste of London food festival on 21 November.

The monstrous porky creation – aka The Notorious P.I.B – will be freshly cooked for six hours on the night over the festival's fire pit.

Simon ‘The Butch’ Taylor, founder of the Surrey Hills Butchers, is the man responsible for putting it together:

"I have been lucky enough to work in traditional butchery for over 25 years – that’s over 25 Christmases and a lot of pigs in blankets! I couldn’t imagine a more fitting way to pay homage to each of these years than by creating this at the festive edition of Taste of London," he said.

Do you fancy trying The Notorious P.I.B? Grab yourself a ticket for the Taste of London winter festival. Tickets cost £17 for adults and £5 for children.

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  • I’ll have a whole one.

      1 year ago