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There’s a new food podcast in town

There’s a whole episode dedicated to lasagna, people

1y ago

A new podcast explores people’s love of food alongside their treasured memories.

Noshtalgia (which might actually be the best name for a podcast ever) takes a culinary trip down memory lane. It’s made by Kroger and hosted by cookbook author and TV personality Danielle Kartes.

The first episode is all about a woman who is determined to recreate her grandfather’s signature Waldorf salad.

There’s another ep that’s all about lasagna — and a family feuding over the perfect recipe. (Ricotta or cottage cheese? Fight!)

Yet another episode shares the secrets of how to make the ultimate red velvet cake.

What’s your favorite food-related podcast?

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  • Lasagna is my favourite thing to eat ever I'll enjoy this

      1 year ago